5 Best Car Insurance Companies in Princeton, NJ

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The average cost of car insurance in Princeton, NJ, is $1,285. This cost is lower than most nearby locations like Plainsboro, East Rocky Hill, Kingston, Princeton Junction, and Blawenburg. Zimlon, through its research, identified the five best car insurance companies in Princeton, NJ, that provide the lowest car insurance rates. However, your car insurance cost may vary depending on various other factors. Below is a list of the best auto insurance companies in Princeton, NJ.



GEICO is in the first spot with a massive 1,740,325 direct premiums written, and 1,705,41 direct premiums earned. Moreover, the company holds a market share of 21.79 % in New Jersey. For car owners in  Princeton, NJ, Geico’s car insurance costs can vary depending on various factors like the age of the driver, annual mileage, coverage type, driver’s credit scores, and driving record. 


The New Jersey Manufacturers  Group is in the second position, with 1,046,719 direct premiums written and 1,022,545  direct premiums earned. The market share of the New Jersey Manufacturers  Group in New Jersey is 13.10 %. This company also offers all the usual coverages, including liability, other state-required coverage types, comprehensive and collision, as well as roadside assistance. 


The Progressive insurance provider is in the third position with 926,295 direct premiums written and 908,643 direct premiums earned. The market share of Progressive in New Jersey is 11.60 %. Progressive offers useful discounts such as Snapshot, a program that can save drivers an average of $130. For residents of Princeton, NJ, Progressive company’s insurance costs will depend on several factors like how much coverage you choose to buy, your age, where you live, and your driving record. 


Allstate insurance company is in the fourth position with 836,903 direct premiums written and 835,390 direct premiums earned. The market share of Allstate in New Jersey is 10.48 %.  Allstate considers several variables like the vehicle you're insuring, your age, the amount of insurance purchased, and your driving record before or quoting the insurance cost. However, residents of Princeton, NJ, can get a 15% discount with Allstates car insurance if you buy a brand-new car, and you’re its first owner. Allstate also provides special coverage for classic cars and for those who drive for ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft.


Plymouth Rock stands in the fifth position with 620,745 direct premiums written and 614,407  direct premiums earned. The market share of Plymouth Rock in New Jersey is 7.77 %. Palisades’s car insurance costs can vary depending on various factors like the age of the driver, driver’s credit scores, and driving record.