Auto Insurance is as High as $1,565 in Frisco, TX

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The average cost of auto insurance in Frisco, TX, is $1,236. It is lower than the cost of insurance in neighboring places such as Celina, Fairview, and the state average. Several factors can affect the cost of auto insurance in Frisco. A thorough comparison of multiple auto insurance quotes will help car owners obtain an insurance quote that best suits their coverage needs. Zimlon also offers the option of keying in one’s zip code to get accurate auto insurance quotes.


Some of the factors that could increase the cost of auto insurance are as follows:

Age Group:

The cost of auto insurance clearly depends on the age of the driver. Auto insurance is cheapest for married ($1,137) and senior ($1,297) women in Frisco. Teenagers are considered to be more risk-prone to accidents and continue to find auto insurance expensive at $2,570. 


DUIs can prove to be extremely expensive for car owners in almost every city in the country. This can have a lasting impact on insurance rates as well. The cost of auto insurance post-DUI in Frisco can be as high as $2,298. 

Driving Violations:

Driving Violations such as driving with an expired license or speeding can also have a severe impact on the cost of auto insurance in Frisco, TX, mainly because it increases the amount of risk being covered by insurers. Speeding or driving with an expired license can prove to be quite expensive.

Credit Score:

A low credit score could also mean an increase in the cost of auto insurance. Moreover, auto insurance increases when the credit score is “poor” or “average.” 


This is one of the most common factors influencing the cost of auto insurance in Frisco, TX. A low deductible ($500), usually increases the cost of auto insurance, whereas a high deductible ($1,000) lowers it. For example, the average cost of auto insurance, for a Ford Mustang Boss 302 on a deductible of $500 is $1,540, and it decreases to $1,430 when the deductible is $1,000.

Other factors that could make auto insurance expensive include not using anti-theft equipment. Comparing quotes is of utmost importance to reduce the cost of auto insurance in the city.