Boston, MA Car Owners Can Save $540 On Insurance Rates

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The metropolitan hotbed of Massachusetts, Boston has an average car insurance premium of $1361 per annum. While driver history and experience plays a huge role in estimating car insurance premiums, other factors can help increase or decrease that number. A survey done by Zimlon found that by comparing multiple insurance quotes, residents in Boston can save as much as $540 on car insurance prices.


One of the most crucial factors in determining car insurance premiums is location. Generally speaking, urban areas tend to be more expensive when it comes to car insurance in comparison to smaller towns. This is mainly due to the population density in big cities, which in turn results in a higher probability of claims. However, when it comes to car insurance, Boston is not the most expensive city in Massachusetts, although it does rank high up given the population density in the city. The top spot goes to Chelsea in Massachusetts with an average car insurance of $1768, about $400 more than Boston. Moreover, even within Boston, the neighborhood of residence has an impact on car insurance savings. For instance, an 84-year-old senior citizen living on Condor Street can save $994 against a car insurance premium of $1335 per year.

In contrast to that, a 62-year-old senior citizen residing on Gladstone Street in Boston would save around $366 on a car insurance premium of $1215. Similarly, for a 32-year-old married woman living on Frankfort St in Boston, would have car insurance savings of $402 with a car insurance premium of $1242. In comparison to a 24-year-old woman residing on Braeburn Rd, with a car insurance premium of $1304, can save up to $904. 

Certain areas in Boston command a much higher price on car insurance depending on demographics, theft rate, the density of population, and claims. Roxbury and West Dorchester are some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Boston for car insurance, charging an average car insurance premium of $2600 annually. According to FBI data, Massachusetts has 1.44 car thefts per 1,000 residents. Data based on the National Crime Information Center's report found the Boston area saw a staggering rise in car thefts in recent years. In 2017 there were 5,097 thefts reported, ranking Boston among the top areas in Massachusetts for car theft.