Brooklyn Car Owners Can Save $1650 On Car Insurance

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Out of the five boroughs in New York City, Brooklyn has some of the highest car insurance rates in the state. In a recent study done by Zimlon, the average car insurance premium in Brookly is estimated to cost a driver $4133, a lot higher than the state average for New York, $1400.Home to more than 2.5 million residents, many factors make Brooklyn one of the most expensive areas to buy car insurance. In contrast, neighboring boroughs of Queens and Manhattan have a much lower average car insurance cost of $1850 and &1820, respectively. However, with proper research and by comparing multiple insurers and coverages, drivers in Brooklyn can save as much as $1650.

Many variables contribute to higher car insurance rates in Brooklyn. Apart from city and state regulations, the number of uninsured and underinsured drivers is quite large and with poor road conditions and a high density of population, Brooklynites will have to cope with other ways of lowering car insurance costs. Many companies offer lower car insurance rates for drivers with an excellent safety record, and by enrolling in DMW-approved safe driving classes, drivers can avail discounts in Brooklyn. Depending on the neighborhood of residence, different zip codes in Brooklyn have different car insurance prices. For example, an 82-year-old male senior from Parkville with an average car insurance premium of $5041, would have a savings of $903. Similarly, a 49-year-married woman from Fort Hamilton paying a premium of $3409 would be able to save $933. In another neighborhood of Brooklyn, in Dyker Heights, a 61-year-old senior paying an average of $4191 in car insurance, should save $584.

Insurers are known to favor drivers that commute less. Quite a few insurance companies are offering pay-per-mile insurance policies. To help keep costs low, residents could use public transportation systems offered in Brooklyn. Another factor that plays a role in increasing car insurance values is crime/theft rates in the city. Being densely populated could also mean a high percentage of theft and vandalism, which results in increased insurance premiums. Drivers should also research into the make and model of the car they are looking to insure. High-end luxury carmakers like BMW, are known for incurring a high car insurance premiums. This largely because of the high cost of repair and spare parts in case of damage or theft. For instance, in Brooklyn, a BMW 6 series would cost you $8930 in car insurance while the same make and model would cost $3930 in Manhattan.