Car Insurance Discounts of Up to $136 offered on Anti-theft Features in Los Angeles, CA

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The average cost of auto insurance in Los Angeles is $1,945. This is lower than the cost of auto insurance in some neighboring places like Culver City, Ladera Heights, and West Hollywood. Car owners can save more by comparing multiple car insurance quotes from different car insurance companies. The cost of car insurance can vary from one neighborhood to another, depending on the rate of auto thefts in that area. The cost of auto insurance also depends on factors such as the rate of deductibles, driving record, and make and model of the car. Below are some of the discounts auto owners can avail of in Los Angeles.



A clean driving record can help car owners receive discounts. Some insurance companies provide discounts to drivers who have been accident-free for the last 3-4 years. This discount can vary from 5 to 10 percent.


Lots of insurance companies provide discounts to young student drivers. This also depends on a good grade point average. Some car insurance companies also provide discounts between 8-10 percent to drivers under the age of 21, called driver training discount.


With the advent of technology to help determine the cost of insurance based on miles drives, insurance companies have also started offering better discounts to drivers who drive below a certain limit, hence contributing to a reduction in emissions. Car insurance companies also provide discounts to owners who own hybrid and electric vehicles, since this contributes to the reduction in emissions as well.


Drivers who own multiple cars can make use of this policy by insuring all their vehicles under the same auto insurance company. Insurance companies offer attractive discounts for bundling as well. Car owners can save more by purchasing their life, auto, and home insurance from the same insurance company. In Los Angeles, the cost of insuring two cars under a multi-car insurance policy is $3,307. This helps in improving savings up to $584. Car owners can save up to $1,167 through multi-car insurance policies. This depends on the number of cars.


Equipping one’s car with the latest anti-theft features can also help in reducing the cost of auto insurance. Car owners can save up to $136 via anti-theft devices since this reduces the risk undertaken by auto insurance companies. A passive disabling device can help car owners in Los Angeles reduce the cost of auto insurance to $1,809.