Car Insurance Rate Ranges Between $693-$1604 in Milwaukee, WI

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Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin with a population of around a million according to the United States Census Bureau. The FBI's crime data puts Milwaukee among the “Top 6 Most Dangerous Big Cities in the U.S”. This along with the large size of population probably explains the high cost of car insurance in Milwaukee. The average rate of car insurance in Milwaukee is $1,168. This is the highest among the five cities that Zimlon compared. None of the neighbouring cities have an average car insurance cost of over $1000. But, it is also essential to note that smart comparison and a detailed analysis would help car owners in saving up to $470 on car insurance in Milwaukee.

rate_of_car_insuranceThe reasons for the increase in cost of car insurance could be due to a combination of various factors, including (but not limited to) gender, age, make and model of the car. The better the driving record of the car owner, the cheaper car insurance will be. Experience influences the cost of car insurance as well. Car insurance is most expensive for teenagers in Milwaukee. Male teenagers pay around $4,438 a year on car insurance while female teenagers pay $4,099. Car insurance is cheapest for women. Senior women only have to pay $1,284 while married women only have to pay as low as $981. The cost of car insurance for teenagers in Milwaukee is higher than that of other cities in Wisconsin. Seniors too find themselves paying more on car insurance than the neighbouring cities.  

The make and model of the car influences the cost of the car insurance. Insuring a BMW 6 Series car would cost $1,850, while insuring a Volkswagen Jetta would only cost $1,060. Insuring a BMW, Audi or a Cadillac would cost the most in Milwaukee in comparison to other car brands. Makers such as Nissan, Mazda and Volkswagen are much cheaper. This is because high-end cars are under a greater risk of theft. Moreover, if damaged, purchasing new car parts could also be expensive.  

It is clear from the above analysis that insurance can be expensive or cheap depending on innumerable factors. A car owner should try to balance his/her requirements and cost before arriving at a decision.