Car Insurance Savings Up to $740 in Parkland, FL

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The average cost of car insurance in Parkland, FL, is $1847. This cost is higher than in nearby locations like Lazy Lake but lower than other nearby locations like Margate and Lighthouse Point. The cost of car insurance varies due to factors like the age of the driver and credit scores.  Zimlon’s research found that  Parkland, FL residents can also save $740 by comparing multiple quotes and reading reviews on Parkland car insurance rates, quotes, agents, and coverage. Below is a list by Zimlon highlighting such factors and various discounts available for car owners in Parkland, FL. 

Neighborhood & Street Area: 

The neighborhood one lives in Parkland, FL significantly influences the cost of car insurance. Zimlon offers the service of finding accurate insurance quotes using one’s zip code. Depending on several factors like the vehicle’s make and model, the rate of auto theft in the neighborhood, and the driver’s age, the insurance rates and discounts offered can vary. 

For example, Zimlon’s research found that in Parkland, FL, the cost of car insurance for a 19-year male teenager living in E Leitner Dr is $4772, whereas, for a 17-year female teenager living in Perignon Way cost of car insurance is $4190. Similarly, the cost of car insurance for a 33-year old man living in Coral Sun is $2894. 

Age of the Driver: 

Car owners in Parkland, FL, can lower their car insurance costs and get various discounts by comparing multiple age of the driver based policies offered by different insurance companies. According to Zimlon’s analysis, teenagers in Parkland, FL, pay a much higher car insurance rate than the rest of the state. They are considered to be less responsible drivers. To make car insurance less expensive for young car owners, insurance companies in Parkland, FL, offer various discounts for completing specific driving courses, and student discounts.


Discounts for Multiple Vehicles: 

Auto Insurance companies in Parkland, FL, offer attractive discounts on multi-car insurance policies and bundling. Car owners in Parkland, FL, can save more by purchasing their life, auto, and home insurance from the same insurance company. According to Zimlon’s analysis, the cost of car insurance for two vehicles in Parkland, FL, is $3510. Insuring three or four cars together can further reduce the cost of insurance for $5357 and $7204, respectively. 


A deductible is one of the most common factors influencing the cost of car insurance in Parkland, FL. A low deductible ($500) usually increases auto insurance value, whereas a high deductible ($1,000) lowers it. According to Zimlon’s research, the average cost of auto insurance in Parkland, FL, for a Chevrolet Corvette on a deductible of $500 is $2100. This cost will decrease to $2010 when the deductible is $1,000. 

Credit Scores: 

Having an “excellent” or “good” credit score will also help make car insurance less expensive in Parkland, FL. Several auto insurance companies provide considerable discounts to car owners with a higher positive credit score and a clean driving history.