Charlotte Residents Can Save Up To $420 On Car Insurance

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With an average car insurance rate of $1085 p.a., North Carolina is one of the least expensive states for buying car insurance in the United States. Most cities in North Carolina have an average insurance rate that falls below $1000. Research conducted by Zimlon found that Charlotte, the most populous city in the state, has an average car insurance cost of $1042 annually. In comparison, the city of Asheville, NC, a couple of hours away from Charlotte, charges an average car insurance premium of $808. North Carolina's capital city, Raleigh has an average car insurance rate of $940, slightly cheaper than that of Charlotte.

By comparing multiple quotes and discounts, Charlotte residents can save up to $420. Some of the variables that can impact insurance rates in the city include age, location, gender, make, and model of the car and driver history. Specific age brackets pay a high cost of car insurance such as teenagers. In Charlotte, teenagers spend $2709 in coverage, with a difference of $386 between male & female teenagers. In contrast to teenagers, seniors citizens in the city can enjoy discounts and deals offered to the elderly. Accounting for 12% of the demographic in Charlotte, senior citizens pay $1271 in insurance.

One of the significant factors in driving up insurance premiums are accidents and alcohol-related offenses. For instance, a male teenager post-DUI in Charlotte would pay $5101 on auto insurance while a female teenager post-DUI would pay $4437. Marital status can also have an impact on car insurance payments. In particular, married men in Charlotte pay $448 more than married women. Moreover, post-DUI, a male teenager, will pay $718 more than a female teenager post-DUI.