Collision coverage for a Volkswagen GTI will set you back $472

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The Highway Loss Data Institute is a non-profit organization that gathers and publishes data on insurance. It released a study in September 2013 that assessed the damage susceptibility of vehicles of all classes and sizes. They did so allocating relative scores to all types of vehicles in parameters such as relative claim frequency (how often claims are filed), relative claim severity and relative claim loss (average payment made by the insurer per claim). The study is an important one because insurers look at relative claim frequency and relative claim loss in assessing premium rates for collision coverage.

In the study, a score of 100 represents the average and scores under 100 are considered to be better than average and scores over 100, worse. It was found that 2-door small cars received a relative claim frequency score of 122 and a relative claim loss of 132. Their relative claim severity score was found to be 108. In all there parameters, 2-door small cars had worse than average scores. In comparison, 2-door mini cars scored 74 and 71 in the relative claim loss and relative claim frequency respectively. However, 2-door small cars performed better than other types of 2-door cars such as midsize and large 2-door which had even worse scores in all three parameters.

With scores below average it is not surprising that collision premiums for 2-door small cars were worse than average too. Bad scores in this regard have a direct and adverse impact on collision insurance premiums. As of December 2013, it costs $457 to buy collision coverage for a Honda Civic, on average. However, the most expensive in the category of 2-doors is the Volkswagen GTI at $472 on average. At $415, the Hyundai Veloster was the cheapest car to buy collision coverage within the category of 2-door small cars.