Comprehensive List of Data That Tesla Collects from their Customers

Tesla owners can now purchase car insurance directly from the electric car manufacturer. The company states that they will be able to reduce the cost of car insurance by up to 30% because "they know their cars better." What are some of the information that the company collects from its customers that helps Tesla understand their cars better? Zimlon analyzed Tesla legal and privacy disclosures to better understand all the data that Tesla collects from its customers and categorized data which could be used in determining car insurance rates.

Tesla collects three main types of information related to a customer or information related to the customers’ use of Tesla products and services: (1) information from or about the customer or their devices; (2) information from or about the customers’ Tesla vehicle; and (3) information from or about the customers’ Tesla energy products. This could open up the possibility of Tesla introducing a Usage-Based Insurance program (UBI), whereby car insurance costs are dependent on several factors. These factors include distance traveled by the vehicle, average driving speed, driving behavior, location, etc. The data collected can also be utilized to detect cases of distracted or drunken driving.

Data Collected from users and their devices 

Tesla collects a variety of information about their customers. The data Tesla collects from a user and their devices include:


Data Collected From Tesla Vehicles

Tesla collects a variety of information from its vehicles. The data collected from a Tesla car can make it easy to analyze the cause of an accident. The data can also be used by the company to analyze how well the car is maintained by the user. The company also analyses the data collected to constantly improve its autopilot system.


Personal Information in the vehicle that Tesla can Access 

Tesla can dynamically connect to a user’s vehicle to diagnose or resolve issues. In this process, the company will be able to access personal data available in the vehicle, including:-


Data Collected During Vehicle Services

The following information is collected by Tesla when a user brings his/her car to a Tesla service center.


Data Collected through Credit applications and other forms

The following data is collected by Tesla when a customer files credit applications and other forms.


Data collected from other sources


Data Collected from User’s Tesla Account


Data collected Offline

Tesla collects user information using various offline methods, including:


Data Collected from the Browser or Device

Tesla collects information about the device the user is using to browse from, including:


Data Collected through Cookies

Tesla uses cookies to collect user data related to:


Data Collected through Pixel Tags

Pixel tags are used by the company to track the actions of users using some of their digital services.


Data Collected from Tesla Energy Products

Tesla collects a variety of data related to an energy product a customer is using, Including: