How Can I Lower My Car Insurance in Long Beach, CA

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With a population of around 500,000, Long Beach is the 7th most populous city in California. The state of California has managed to reduce the rate of car insurance through state regulations. But, the high rate of accidents in California means increased car insurance rates for drivers in the state. Lowering one’s rate of car insurance depends on multiple factors (but not limited to), ranging from make and model of car to street of residence in Long Beach. The penalties for DUI in California are quite stringent. A major implication of DUI is a higher rate of car insurance. Post-DUI, the median car insurance rate for male teenagers jumps from $3,614 to $6,722.

The average rate of car insurance in Long Beach is $1,658. Nevertheless, car owners can save up to $660 by comparing different quotes and reviews on Zimlon. The average rate of car insurance in Long Beach is considerably lower than the average in San Francisco ($1,769) and Los Angeles ($2,076).

The importance of location in determining the rate of car insurance will be clear from the following example. A 46-year-old, unmarried woman from North Atlantic Dr. pays $1,616 to insure her car. This rate is different from what a 47-year-old, married woman from E Kevin St. ($1,541) pays.

insurance_in_longbeachAs the infographic indicates, paying a higher deductible on car insurance need not necessarily amount to higher savings. The amount of savings depends on both the deductible and the make/model of the car. It is crucial to decide on one’s car insurance by striking a balance between one’s needs and cost. Insuring an Audi A7 and A8, would cost a higher rate of insurance in Long Beach ($2,300-$2,350). On the other hand, insuring a Toyota Sienna in Long Beach would be cheaper ($1,290) in comparison to the above.