How a Driver’s Age Influences the Car Insurance Premium

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Every insurance company has its own formula to compute insurance rates based on a driver’s age. For insurance providers, in general, the older you are, the more reliable you are behind the wheel. So, if you belong to the age group of 25-50 years, you are considered to be relatively safer and less likely to cause accidents.

Typically, drivers in the age group between 25 and 50 years usually tend to get the cheapest rates, with the rates getting lower with each additional year. Drivers who are younger than 25 and older than 50 are likely to attract higher insurance quotes, Their marital status and driving history also play a role. Married drivers are generally considered a more stable and safe driving group than single or divorced drivers. Similarly, driving experience alone does not work to driver’s advantage if they have been bypassing traffic rules and getting fined.

18-30 Years

If you’re a young driver aged between 18 and 30 years, you are likely to be offered the cheapest premiums in North Dakota. Here, the average premium for drivers in this cohort is $590. The next is line is the state of Kansas with an average premium of $848. Drivers in this cohort end up paying higher premiums in Delaware, Louisiana, and Florida, at $2,384, $3702 and $6,800 respectively.

StateAverage Premium
1. North Dakota$590
2. Kansas$848
3. Utah$1,254
4. Oklahoma$1,290
5. Nebraska$1,388
6. West Virginia$1,439
7. New Hampshire$1,547
8. Colorado$1,763
9. Georgia$1,807
10. Alabama$1,831
11. Kentucky$2,150
12. Maryland$2,367
13. Delaware$2,384
14. Louisiana$3,702
15. Florida$6,800

31-45 Years

For 31 to 45-year-old drivers, North Dakota once again offers the cheapest average premium, at $472. Kansas has the second cheapest average at $509. The states offering higher premiums are Kentucky and Maryland, at $4,363 and $5,026 respectively.

StateAverage Premium
1. North Dakota$472
2. Kansas$509
3. Utah$552
4. West Virginia$669
5. Oklahoma$727
6. Nebraska$781
7. Colorado$984
8. New Hampshire$1,379
9. Georgia$1,430
10. Delaware$2,016
11. Kentucky$4,363
12. Maryland$5,026

46-60 Years

Drivers between 46 and 60 years can get the cheapest premiums in Kansas, at $455. Oklahoma and West Virginia are close at $653 and $664 respectively. More expensive premiums for drivers in this age group are in the states of Kentucky and Florida, with averages of $7,981 and $8,378.

StateAverage Premium
1. Kansas$455
2. Oklahoma$653
3. West Virginia$664
4. North Dakota$960
5. Alabama$1,191
6. Maryland$1,465
7. Delaware$1,948
8. Louisiana$1,972
9. Kentucky$7,981
10. Florida$8,378

Above 60 Years

Kansas once again is the state with the lowest average car insurance premium, at $477. It is followed by North Dakota, at $525 and Utah at $556. Higher averages are found in Kentucky and Delaware, at $1,617 and $2,530, respectively.

StateAverage Premium
1. Kansas$477
2. North Dakota$525
3. Utah$556
4. West Virginia$616
5. Nebraska$678
6. Georgia$683
7. Oklahoma$689
8. Colorado$865
9. Alabama$886
10. Maryland$1,099
11. New Hampshire$1,346
12. Florida$1,561
13. Kentucky$1,617
14. Delaware$2,530

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