How to Save on Car Insurance in Laredo, TX

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The average cost of auto insurance in Laredo, TX, is $1,414. This cost is much lower than that of neighboring places such as San Carlos II, Los Altos, and Tanquesitos South Acres II. The cost of auto insurance depends on numerous factors ranging from the make and model of the car to the age of the driver. It is essential to compare multiple quotes before arriving at the one that best suits one’s coverage needs. The cost of auto insurance can also vary from one neighborhood to another. Zimlon offers the option of keying in one’s zip code to get accurate auto insurance quotes in Laredo.



Deductibles are one of the most common factors affecting the cost of auto insurance. Opting for a higher deductible will help in improving savings. For instance, in Laredo, the cost of auto insurance for a higher deductible ($1,000) is $1,257, while it is $1,488 for a low deductible ($500).

Hybrids and Electric Vehicles:

Zimlon found that Farmers and Travelers are among the few companies that offer discounts on alternative-fuel vehicles. Hybrids and Electric Vehicles are considered environmentally friendly thanks to lower emission rates. For such vehicles, Farmers offers car owners discounts of up to 5% in some states. 

Driving Record:

Most car insurance companies offer substantial discounts to drivers who have a clean driving record. GEICO offers a 26% discount to drivers with a spotless driving record for five years. On the other hand, State Farm offers discounts when a driver goes three or more years with an accident-free record. With the advent of modern technology in the car insurance industry, Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) is increasingly being used to personalize car insurance. UBI works through both plugin devices and mobile apps. It keeps track of various factors in one’s car, making insurance rates more personalized.  

Driving violations can lead to a massive increase in the cost of auto insurance and can also have a long-term impact on insurance rates. For instance, post-DUI, the cost of auto insurance in Laredo, TX, goes up to $2,201. Other violations that can prove to be expensive include driving with an expired/suspended license, speeding, and driving a vehicle without the required permission. These violations lead to an increase of $953, $346, and $440 respectively. Being a good driver can ultimately help in reducing the cost of auto insurance.