How to Save on Car Insurance in Tyler, TX

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The average cost of auto insurance in Tyler, TX, is $1,376. This is lower than in most neighboring places such as Smith County, Noonday, Lindale, Bullard, and New Chapel Hill. Residents of Tyler should compare multiple auto insurance quotes and reviews before deciding on the one that best suits their needs. Here are some ways to increase savings in Tyler.


Credit Score:

Having an “excellent” or “good” credit score will help car owners save on auto insurance in Tyler, TX. In contrast, an “average” or “poor” auto insurance can lead to a massive increase. The cost of auto insurance can rise up to $2.244 if the credit score if the driver is poor.

Anti-Theft Device:

Equipping one’s vehicle with an anti-theft device can go a long way in helping car owners lower auto insurance costs. A passive disabling device fetches the most amount of savings. 

Hybrids and Electric Vehicles:

Zimlon found that Farmers and Travelers are among the few companies that offer discounts on alternative-fuel vehicles. Hybrids and Electric Vehicles are considered environmentally friendly thanks to lower emission rates. For such cars, Farmers offers car owners discounts of up to 5% in some states.

Multi-Car Insurance:

In Tyler, TX, Car owners can save more by insuring their vehicles with the same auto insurance company. Insurers offer discounts on multi-car insurance policies. Bundling is another way of increasing your savings. Car owners can insure their life, auto, and home insurance with the same insurer to get added benefits.

The cost of insuring two cars under a multi-car insurance policy in Tyler, TX, is $2,422, while it would cost $4,844 for four vehicles. The savings on multi-car insurance in Tyler also depends on the make and model of the car.

Driving Record:

Most car insurance companies offer substantial discounts to drivers with a clean driving record. GEITX provides a 26% discount to drivers with a spotless driving record for five years. On the other hand, State Farm offers discounts when a driver goes three or more years with an accident-free record. With the advent of modern technology in the car insurance industry, Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) is increasingly being used to personalize car insurance. UBI works through both plugin devices and mobile apps. It keeps track of various factors in one’s car, making insurance rates more personalized.  

The cost of auto insurance in Tyler, TX, post-DUI, increases to $2,142. However, this also depends on the driver’s age. Moreover, the cost of auto insurance post-DUI for teenagers is much higher. Safe and responsible drivers will find it easier to lower the cost of auto insurance in Tyler. Other violations that can have a long-term impact on auto insurance in Tyler include driving with an expired license and running a red light.


Paying a higher deductible will also help car owners lower the cost of insurance. For instance, Tyler’s yearly premium on a low deductible($500) is $1,246. It decreases to $1,053 when the deductible is higher ($1,000).