Median Car Insurance Rate in Columbus, GA, is Significantly Cheaper Than the State Average

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The median car insurance rate in the city of Columbus, Georgia, is $1,577—about $1,500 lower than the state average for 40-year-old married males with a clean driving record. This is a finding from a recent analysis by Zimlon using data from the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, Georgia, on 2012 Toyota Camry, 6-cylinder, 4-door sedans. The study also found that the median rate for 30-year-old married females with one speeding ticket in the past 12 months was $2259, about $700 less than the state average. For 28-year-old married males with one speeding ticket within the past 30 months, the insurance amount was $2896, only slightly less than the state average of $2982.

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Insurance companies calculate premium rates on the basis of customer type, car type, customer credit, and other factors. Within the broad insurance cover, subcategories like liability rates, medical insurance, and comprehensive collision vary greatly, sometimes by thousands of dollars. This is why it is prudent to scan the research data first.

For instance, for a 40-year-old married male with a clean record driving a Toyota Camry, the median liability premium is $593. That is almost $400 less than the median liability premium of $921 for a 28-year-old married female with one speeding ticket within the past 12 months.

For a 40-year-old married male, Unique Insurance Company has the most expensive insurance premiums in the city, valued at $3061. The Cincinnati Insurance Company offers the cheapest premium, valued at $853, for the same customer type.

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