Philadelphia, PA, Average Car Insurance Rate Is $2276

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Although Pennsylvania car insurance rates are on the lower side, the largest city in the state, Philadelphia, is one of the more expensive places for buying car insurance. With an annual average car insurance cost of $2276, Philadelphia drivers can also pay as high as $3846 and as low as $1036 in premiums. Zimlon deduced that on comparing multiple quotes and reviews, drivers in Philadelphia could save $910 on car insurance. Area of residence, driving record, age, gender, marital status, and car model play a huge role for insurers in determining the cost of insurance. An hour away from Philadelphia is Allentown, where the average cost of car insurance is a lot lower at $1276. North of here is Riverton, where the price is slightly higher at $1900. Pennsylvania's second-largest city, Pittsburgh, has a much cheaper average car insurance tag of $1140 per annum. It is safe to say, depending on your zip code, the price can vary not just in the state but also in the city. For instance, a driver residing in Longmead Farms in Philadelphia can pay as much as $4426 in car insurance while a driver from the Mayfair area of Philadelphia would pay $858. Even within specific localities, depending on the zip code, the price can vary.


In Philadelphia, married men pay quite a bit more than married women. For instance, a 31-one-year old married man from Pennypack would pay an average of $3034 in car insurance while a 38-year-old married woman would pay $1969 for similar coverage. However, the same can't be said for senior citizens. In Philadelphia, a female senior citizen could pay $2276, almost double the price of senior men, $1001. Even a spotless driving record can't make up for the price parity based on gender.

Accounting for 7% of the city's population, Philadelphia teenagers pay $4938 in car insurance, about $1458 more than the state average. The difference between male and female teenage drivers in the city is $615. To make matters worse for teenagers in the city, post-DUI rates can shoot up car insurance rates. In Philadelphia, a male teenager with post-DUI pays $1144 more than a female teenager post-DUI. For example, in Philadelphia, a male teenager post-DUI would pay $9623 on auto insurance while a female teenager post-DUI would pay $8509.

Several other factors could impact car insurance rates. In Philadelphia, car insurance rates vary by the deductible. For a driver with a low deductible of $500 and a car insurance premium of $2550 could see savings of $750 if the driver switched to a high deductible plan instead. Likewise, bundling car insurance for multiple vehicles is a good idea. 43% of Philadelphia drivers own one car while 19% own two cars, and 9% have three cars. If the cost of insurance for two cars is $4325 in Philadelphia, then for a driver insuring three cars it would be $6601. That is quite a bit of saving based on insuring multiple vehicles.