Princeton, NJ, Car Owners Can Save $490 On Car Insurance

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Home to Princeton University, the college town of Princeton is located in Mercer County, New Jersey. Research done by Zimlon found the average car insurance rate in Princeton is $1224 per annum. In proximity to major highways like the Interstate 95 and US Route 1, Princeton has a population of 31,386. Depending on how much time drivers spend on roadways could have a considerable impact on insurance rates. According to the US Census Bureau, in Princeton, the median time to travel to work is around 27.9 minutes. The longer drivers spend on roadways, the higher the probability of getting into an accident or collision. Some insurers can view this as high risk and can be a reason for increased car insurance premiums. By comparing rates and reviews, Princeton drivers can save $490 in car insurance costs. Insurers use factors (not limited to) like age, driver history, car model, mileage, and zip code to determine car insurance rates.

Princeton's population comprises of 48% men and 52% women. Women drivers pay $1150 on average car insurance while men in the same age bracket pay $1872. In Princeton, married men pay $575 more than married women. Albeit, in the case of seniors citizens- senior women pay $61 more than senior men. It would cost $1395 in car insurance for senior men from Princeton and $1456 for senior women.

However, teenagers pay the most when it comes to car insurance payments in the town of the Princeton Tigers. 8% of the total population comprises teenagers, with 42% male and 58% female. Princeton teenagers pay $3157 in car insurance premiums, with a difference of $526 between male and female teenagers. For example, in Princeton, a male teenager driving a 2011 Lincoln MKZ would pay $3468 in car insurance costs while a female teenager driving a 2008 GMC Sierra would pay $2737 for similar coverage. Moreover, post-DUI rates could considerably run up annual car insurance rates. The post-DUI insurance rates in Princeton is $2276. For male teenagers in Princeton, post-DUI car insurance rates are $6305 and $5327 for female teenagers. Male teenagers, in particular, pay $978 more than female teenagers.

Another important parameter for calculating car insurance rates in Princeton is the location of the driver. A 33-year-old married woman, residing on Hale Dr, would save $880 in car insurance against an annual premium of $1071, whereas a 48-year-old man from North Princeton paying $2030 in car insurance payments would have a savings of $711. In another example, a 19-year-old teenager from Coxs Corner, paying $2917 in car insurance costs would have a savings of $823. In contrast, a 16-year-old male teenager from Van Marter Ct would save $443 with a car insurance premium of $3315.

Once named the "Best Small City," Princeton drivers can also lower car insurance rates by comparing costs before purchasing a car. In New Jersey, BMW drivers pay the most, $2200, in insurance average rates based on the make of the vehicle. Some of the more affordable options for drivers in Princeton would be cars made by Kia and Honda, with an average insurance premium of $1500 for both.