Super Cheap Car Insurance Rates in Ringgold, GA

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The average cost of car insurance in Ringgold, GA, is $1,638. This cost is higher than most nearby locations like Fort Oglethorpe-Lakeview, Tunnel Hill, Catoosa County, Catoosa Springs, and Fort Oglethorpe. Zimlon’s research found that car owners in Ringgold, GA, can get super cheap auto insurance rates and discounts by considering factors like driver’s age, vehicle’s make and model, and credit scores. These factors and associated discounts are explored in detail by Zimlon below.

Multi-Car Insurance Discounts:

Auto Insurance companies offer attractive discounts on multi-car insurance policies and bundling. In Ringgold, GA, car owners can also save more by purchasing their life, auto, and home insurance from the same insurance company. Below is Zimlon’s analysis of average savings one can obtain on multi-vehicle insurance in  Ringgold, GA.


Anti-Theft Feature Discounts:

Vehicles equipped with safety devices are less prone to theft. Therefore, auto insurance companies provide a considerable amount of discounts to vigilant car owners. Zimlon’s research found that car owners in Ringgold, GA, can get super cheap car insurance by installing anti-theft features like passive disabling devices or tracking device features. After installing safety features like an audible alarm or an active disabling device, the average insurance cost comes up to $1,572. Additional features like a tracking device or passive disabling device can reduce the average insurance costs to $1,540 and $1,523, respectively, in Ringgold, GA. 

Age of the Driver:

Zimlon’s analysis found that teenagers and young drivers pay more car insurance costs than older drivers as insurance companies consider them less responsible behind the wheels. The average insurance cost for a teenager in Ringgold, GA, is $5,315, whereas drivers between 30-50 pay less than $1,700. In Ringgold, GA, car owners can get various discounts by comparing multiple age of the driver-based policies. These discounts include good student discounts, safe driver discounts, and defensive driving discounts.


Deductibles are one of the most common factors influencing the cost of auto insurance. Car owners in Ringgold, GA, can get super cheap car insurance by considering this factor. A low deductible ($500) usually increases auto insurance value, whereas a high deductible ($1,000) lowers it. According to Zimlon’s research, the average cost of auto insurance in Ringgold, GA, on a low deductible of $500 is $1,668, and this cost decreases to $1,409 when the deductible is $1,000.

Credit Scores:

In Ringgold, GA, car owners can get super cheap car insurance by accounting for their credit scores. Auto insurance companies also provide considerable discounts to car owners with a higher positive credit score and a clean driving history. According to Zimlon’s analysis, in Ringgold, GA, having an “excellent” credit score reduces insurance costs to $1,604, and with a “good” credit score, car owners spend $1,707. Whereas a “poor” score may increase the insurance cost to $2,672 in Ringgold, GA.