Syracuse, NY, Car Insurance Rate Is As Cheap As $708

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The fifth most populous city in New York, Syracuse is located at the halfway point between New York City and Toronto. According to the US Census Bureau, the city has a population of 142,749 with an average travel time to work of 18.4 minutes. Although lower than the national average, there are still plenty of Syracuse drivers on the roadways and therefore a high probability of accidents and claims. Zimlon assessed the average cost of car insurance in Syracuse to be $1086. Drivers find insurance in neighboring towns like Minoa, NY, $764 more expensive than Syracuse. A few miles away, De Witt, NY, residents pay an average of $1830 in car insurance annually, and drivers in Onondaga Nation, NY, pay $804 more than Syracuse residents.


Based on factors (not limited to) such as age, gender, driving history, zip code, coverage type, and car model, Syracuse drivers can pay as low as $708 and as high as $1494 in car insurance payments. Location plays a considerable role when it comes to the cost of insurance. For example, in Syracuse, a 16 year-old-male teenager, driving a 2012 Nissan Rogue, residing on N Monticello Dr, paying a car insurance premium of $2147 would have a savings of $506 in comparison to an 18-year-old teenager from Lilac St, driving a 2009 Ford Fusion with a car insurance cost of $2070, would save $710 on similar insurance coverage. Likewise, the age of the driver can have a considerable impact on price. In Syracuse, 11% of the population is made up of teenagers. Syracuse teenagers pay $2215 in insurance, $255 more than drivers in Solvay, NY. Depending on the gender of the driver, there is a difference of $163 between male and female drivers in the city. For example, in Syracuse, a male teenager driving a 2012 Dodge Journey would pay $2211 in car insurance while a female teenager driving a 2011 Toyota Prius would pay $1916.

Generally, insurance companies view teenagers as high risk in comparison to other age segments primarily because of their lack of driving experience and propensity for accidents. Moreover, post-DUI rates in Syracuse can cost a driver $2019, whereas that value goes up to $4261 for a male teenager. For instance, in Syracuse, a male teenager driving a 2006 Chrysler 300 would pay $3892 on car insurance post-DUI, while a female teenager would pay $3615 for the same. However, married women and senior women tend to pay the least when it comes to car insurance in Syracuse. Nicknamed Salt City, Syracuse has a 15% senior citizen population, out of which, 42% are senior men and 58% are senior women. Senior men pay $174 more than senior women in Syracuse.

There are several ways drivers in Syracuse can save on car insurance costs. By increasing deductibles, bundling insurance, adding anti-theft devices and opting for roadside assistance, and by comparing rates, drivers can lower car insurance by $430 in Syracuse. Car owners with multiple vehicles can save considerably on car insurance costs. Around 45% of the Syracuse population owns a single vehicle, while 22% own two and 4% own three vehicles. In Syracuse, a driver with two vehicles would $2064 in car insurance while for the same coverage, a driver with three cars would pay $3150 and for four vehicles the price would be $4236.