The Average Cost of Auto Insurance in Edmonds, WA, is $1,196

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The total population in the city of Edmonds, in Washington, is 42,767. The median household income is $87,693, while the per capita income is $49,686. The average cost of auto insurance here, according to Zimlon, is $1,196. This cost can range between $719 and $1,824. Car owners in Edmonds can save up to $480 on car insurance by comparing multiple car insurance quotes from different insurance companies. The cost of auto insurance also depends on factors such as the make and model of the vehicle and the age of the driver. It also depends on the neighborhood one lives in. Zimlon aims to help car owners by providing the option of keying in their zip code to get accurate auto insurance quotes from multiple insurers.


Driving Record:

Possessing a clean driving record always helps in obtaining cheaper auto insurance. In contrast, a driving record riddled with multiple violations will only increase the cost of auto insurance. For example, post-DUI, the average cost of auto insurance in Edmonds, WA, increases to $2,224. Other violations that could lead to a massive increase include driving with an expired license and running a red light. 


Age and gender are some of the other factors that can affect the cost of auto insurance. As the above infographic indicates, married women find auto insurance to be cheap, at $1,064. The cost of auto insurance increases for drivers with minimum driving experience. Teenagers are considered to be unsafe drivers. Male teenagers have to pay $3,085 on an average, while female teenagers pay $2,619. Women are generally considered to be safer drivers.


Deductibles are one of the most common factors affecting the cost of auto insurance in Edmonds, WA. A higher deductible leads to a decrease in the cost of auto insurance, while a low deductible leads increases the price. For instance, the cost of auto insurance when the deductible is $500 (Ford, Explorer XLT) is $1,210. This goes down to $1,140 when the deductible is higher at $1,000. 

Multiple Vehicles:

It is always smarter to insure multiple vehicles under the same auto insurance policy. This would help car owners in improving savings. The cost of insuring two cars under a multi-car insurance policy is $2,273, while it is $4,665 for four cars. This also depends on the make and model of the car and the rate of the deductible.