The Average Cost of Insurance in Stoneham, MA is $1,340

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A car owner in Stoneham, MA, pays an average car insurance cost of $1,340. This cost is higher than in nearby locations like Malden but slightly lower than other nearby locations like Reading, Melrose, Wakefield, and Medford. Zimlon’s analysis shows that various factors like make and model of the car, location, age of the driver, and credit scores can make car insurance costs expensive in Stoneham, MA. 


The neighborhood one lives in Stoneham, MA influences the cost of car insurance. Zimlon offers the option of keying in one’s zip code to get accurate auto insurance quotes from multiple auto insurance companies. Depending on several factors like the vehicle’s make and model and the rate of auto thefts in the neighborhood, the price can vary. Below is the average cost of car insurance in Massachusetts by location.


Age of the Driver: 

According to Zimlon’s analysis, middle-aged drivers in Stoneham, MA, pay much less car insurance than teenagers. The average cost of car insurance for teenagers in Stoneham, MA, is $4,348, whereas drivers between the age of 30 to 60 years pay less than $1400. This difference is because young drivers are generally considered less responsible behind the wheel by insurance companies. Therefore, middle-aged drivers are likely to pay lower car insurance premiums if they are considered to be safer drivers by insurance companies.

Multi-Car Insurance: 

Car owners in Stoneham, MA, can obtain discounts and make car insurance less expensive by insuring multiple vehicles with the same insurance company. Bundling is another way of increasing your savings. Car owners can also opt to insure their life, auto, and home insurance with the same insurer to get added benefits.

Car owners in Stoneham, MA, can save $322 by opting to insure two cars together. Insuringthree or four cars would further help Stoneham, MA, residents save $482 and $643, respectively. 

Credit Score:

Having an “excellent” or “good” credit score will also help make car insurance less expensive in Stoneham, MA. Several auto insurance companies provide discounts to car owners that have a higher positive credit score. In Stoneham, MA, if a driver’s credit score is exceptional, the cost of auto insurance can be as low as $1,150. It can be as high as $1,822 and $2,186 if the credit score is average or poor.