The Cost of car insurance in Sacramento, CA, is $1,662

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Sacramento has a population of 505,000. Car owners in Sacramento pay $1,662 on average in car insurance payments. The lowest they pay is $1,122, while the highest is $2,762.

Sacramento has a lower average car insurance cost when compared to other major neighboring locations in the state. Foothill Farms, McClellan Park, and La Riviera, all have higher median insurance rates when compared to Sacramento, in the state of California. It is common knowledge that even a minor accident on one’s driving record can increase the cost of insurance. But, by being aware of general factors that influence insurance costs and by comparing rates, car owners can save up to $660 in Sacramento. As with any other state, the amount of money a car owner can save also hinges on the location of the car owner in Sacramento. Age is another factor that impacts the cost of insurance. If the individual driving the car has more experience behind the wheel, this could result in cheaper car insurance rates.


Demographics play a crucial role in the kind of car insurance a car owner can get. The age and gender of the car owner are key to this. Teenagers, in general, pay the most on car insurance. Teenagers are considered to be prone to accidents (less experience); hence they end up paying the most in Sacramento ($3,623). 

Though the cost of car insurance for teens is quite high in Sacramento, the figures are quite low when compared to other cities in California. A male teenager will have to pay $1,805 more in Foothill Farms, California. A female teenager in Florin would have to pay $1,652 more than a female teenager in Sacramento, on car insurance. Interestingly, car insurance seems to be more expensive for senior women than senior men. While senior women pay $1,794 on an average, senior men seem to pay $1,728 for similar coverage. 

Location is an important factor that influences the cost of insurance. People residing in different areas within Sacramento have different rates of savings. A 32-year-old married woman in Newbury Way, Routier, would end up saving $913, while a 32-year-old man in Serra Way, East Sacramento would end up saving only $730. To give another example, a 19-year-old male teenager who drives a 2010 Toyota Prius in Pamlee Ct, Arcade, saves $704. But, a female teenager of the same age who drives a 2008 Lexus in Chatsworth Lane, Routier, only manages to save a little over this figure. The difference is not major. Net savings from high or low deductibles also depends on factors such as the make of the car. Net savings of an owner of a Suzuki, Kishase SE, would not be the same as that of an owner of a Kia Rio LX. 

This only goes on to show that the amount of savings is a confluence of numerous factors, including the street one lives on in Sacramento.