The Cost of Insuring Your Car in Abilene, TX, is $1,210

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Abilene has a population of 122,999. The median household income here is $47,689, while the per capita income is $23,756. The average cost of car insurance in Abilene is $1,210. As the above infographic suggests, this is much lower than the average cost of auto insurance in neighboring places such as Taylor County and Hawley-Noodle.

Numerous factors influence the cost of car insurance in Abilene. Some of them are:

  • Age of the Driver

  • Make and Model of the Car

  • Rate of Deductibles

  • Credit Score

Credit scores can have a massive impact on the insurance quote offered to you by car insurance companies in Abilene. The credit score of an individual can be classified into “exceptional,” “excellent,” “good,” “average,” and “poor.” The better the credit score, the better are the chances of landing a cost-effective insurance quote. A car owner with an exceptional credit score of 800-850 will find insurance to be very cheap in Abilene. The average cost of car insurance for an “exceptional” credit score can be between $1,038 and $1,185.

It is imperative to compare multiple car insurance quotes before arriving at one that best suits one’s needs. The cost of car insurance can vary from one neighborhood to another depending on factors, including the rate of auto thefts in that neighborhood. This is where anti-theft features can come in handy. Equipping one’s car with an anti-theft device can go a long way in reducing the risk of theft and reducing the cost of auto insurance. Car insurance companies in Abilene provide multiple discounts to vigilant car owners who equip their vehicles with the latest anti-theft technology. Equipping the vehicle with an audible alarm can help reduce the cost of auto insurance to $1,162, while a passive disabling device can help reduce it to $1,125. This can help save $48 and $85, respectively. The country saw a drop of 3.1% in the rate of auto thefts from 2017 to 2018.

From the above analysis, it is clear that the cost of auto insurance in Abilene hinges on multiple factors.