Top 5 Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturers Involved in the Most Number of Collisions in California

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Zimlon focuses on the number of accidents that occurred as a result of vehicle one ( autonomous vehicle). Zimlon also assessed the collision reports in more detail, to discern the cause of these collisions. It is/was essential to look into the mode, in which the vehicles were operating before concerns about the safety of Autonomous Vehicles are raised.

Keeping the data mentioned above in mind, it is clear that there are no significant concerns about the safety of Autonomous Vehicles. Google Auto LLC. and GM Cruise Vehicles were involved in a total of 4 collisions while operating in the autonomous mode. But, it is noteworthy that the other three major players in this market (Zoox Inc., Waymo LLC., and Lyft Inc.) have not been involved in a single collision while operating in the autonomous mode. Zimlon finds that the pros of this technology outweigh its cons given that human error is a more significant cause of concern. Autonomous driving is a technology that continues to improve with time. 


In March 2018, the country saw its first recorded human fatality by an Autonomous Vehicle. While the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was quick to reprimand Uber Technologies Inc. for the incident, they also made it clear that the driver was inattentive and was "visually distracted throughout the trip by her cellphone." The outrage over this incident is a clear indicator that this technology should find its way onto roads only after it attains a certain level of advancement. Testing cannot be done at the cost of human life, who had never signed up for the former.