Top 5 car insurance companies Cumberland, MD

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The average cost of car insurance in Cumberland, MD is  $1,291. This cost is lower than most of the neighboring locations like Bowling Green, La Vale, Bowmans Addition, Ridgeley, and Corriganville. Car owners in Cumberland, MD  can save more on insurance costs by comparing multiple quotes from different auto insurance companies. The cost of auto insurance depends on numerous factors ranging from the car’s make and model to the driver’s age. Below is a list by Zimlon of five top auto insurance companies in Cumberland, MD.


GEICO is in the first position with 1,289,470 direct premiums written and 1,265,098 direct premiums earned. The market share of GEICO in Maryland is 24.82 %. Geico’s car insurance costs can vary depending on various factors like the age of the driver, annual mileage, coverage type, driver’s credit scores, and driving record. 

Statefarm is in the second position with 967,626 direct premiums written and 973,437 direct premiums earned. The market share of Statefarm in Maryland is 18.62 %. Car owners in Cumberland, MD can get various discounts from Statefarm insurance like good student discounts, good driving discounts, passive restrain discounts, and vehicle safety discounts. 

Allstate is in the third position with 611,327 direct premiums written and 603,877 direct premiums earned. The market share of Allstate in Maryland is 11.77 %. Allstate provides various discounts as well as safe driver rewards to car owners in Cumberland, MD. 

USAA is in the fourth position with 471,969 direct premiums written and 461,907 direct premiums earned. The market share of USAA in Maryland is 9.08 %. Car owners in Cumberland, MD can get up to 10% off with USAA if they opt for bundle insurance policies and ensure their home or renters insurance premium along with auto insurance. 

Erie Insurance:
Erie Insurance company is in the fifth position with 416,530 direct premiums written and 397,044 direct premiums earned. The market share of Erie Insurance in Maryland is 8.02 %. For car owners in Cumberland, MD, Erie auto insurance offers car insurance with several optional add-ons like pet coverage, windshield repair, and locksmith services.