Top 5 Insurance Companies by Market Share, in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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With a population of around 700,000, Tulsa is the second-largest city in Oklahoma. Nicknames “The Oil Capital of the World” in the 20th century, Oklahoma is the fourth most expensive state for auto insurance in the country. The average rate of car insurance in Tulsa is $2,217. This is higher than the state average of $2,100. However, car owners can save up to $890 by comparing multiple quotes and referring to reviews on Zimlon.

Using market share data (2018) gathered for Tulsa, Zimlon rounds up the top 5 car insurance companies in Tulsa.


STATE FARM: State Farm occupies the first spot in Tulsa, with a massive market share of 23.97%. It has 663,648 direct premiums written, and 674,075 direct premiums earned. State Farm has a J.D. Power Rating of 828/1000. The company’s impeccable online faculty makes State Farm consumer-friendly and easy to use. It also has a reliable A++ A.M. Best Rating.

FARMERS: Farmers has 304,302 direct premiums written, and 302,773 direct premiums earned. Farmers is known for its user friendly website and has a J.D. Power Rating of 817/1000,a tad lower than State Farm. State Farm. With a market share of 10.99%,Farmers cleans up with an A.M. Best rating of A.

PROGRESSIVE: Progressive is a close third in Oklahoma with a market share of 10.63%. The company has 294,309 direct premiums written, and 279,724 direct premiums earned. Progressive has a mid-table J.D. Power Rating of 823/1000 and an A.M. Best Rating of A+.

GEICO: GEICO has 213,328 direct premiums written, and 207,104 direct premiums earned. This bestows the company with a market share of 7.71% and a formidable J.D. Power Rating of 838/1000. This is among the best ratings in Oklahoma. The company enjoys an A.M. Best Rating of A++.

ALLSTATE: Allstate occupies the final position in the top 5 car insurance companies in Oklahoma, with a market share of 7.26%. It has 201,116 direct premiums written, and 196,240 direct premiums earned. J.D. Power Circle gives Allstate a rating of 844/1000 and has an A.M. Best Rating of A+.