Top 5 Most Popular Car Insurance Companies in Acorn, AR

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Acorn, a township in Arkansas, is located in Polk County. The average cost of auto insurance in this neighborhood is $1,504, which is lower than that of neighboring places such as Rich Mountain, Potter, and Blansett. Below is a list of the top 5 auto insurance companies in Acorn, Arizona.


  1. ​​​​​State Farm:

    State Farm leads the way in Arizona with a massive 510,310 direct premiums written, and 511,710 direct premiums earned. It occupies a market share of 24.62%. J.D. Power’s latest auto insurance ratings give State Farm a score of 831, which puts it above the rest in terms of reliability.

  2. Southern Farm Bureau:

    Southern Farm Bureau is second on this list of top auto insurance companies in Arkansas. Their website is notable for its ease of use. The company has 272,861 direct premiums written, and 265,343 direct premiums earned. It occupies a market share of 13.17%, with a superior financial rating. This makes it a reliable company in terms of customer service and for availing accurate auto insurance quotes.

  3. Shelter Insurance:

    Founded in 1946, Shelter Insurance is known for its excellent financial rating. It is based in Columbia, Missouri. It has a market share of 8.73% in Arkansas, which puts it in the third position on this list. It has 180,848 direct premiums written, and 178,105 direct premiums earned.

  4. Progressive:

    Progressive is not too far behind with a market share of 8.03%, It has 166,434 direct premiums written, and 160,181 direct premiums earned. Here, Progressive has a J.D. Power Rating of 807. This is not quite high, but the quality of customer service says otherwise.

  5. Allstate:

    Allstate was founded in 1931. It recently announced its plan to provide Shelter-In-Place payback due to the decrease in miles driven during the novel Coronavirus pandemic and free ID theft protection. In Arkansas, Zimlon has 148,040 direct premiums written and 146,295 direct premiums earned. It also occupies a market share of 7.14%.