Top 5 Most Popular Car Insurance Companies in Cornelius, NC

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The average cost of car insurance in Cornelius, NC, is $1,066. This cost is higher than the nearby locations like Huntersville and Mooresville but lower than other nearby locations like Catawba Springs, Lowesville, and Davidson.  Car owners in Cornelius, NC, can save more by comparing multiple quotes offered by different insurance companies. Zimlon’s research identified the top five car insurance companies in Cornelius, NC, by market share, which are discussed in detail below.



State Farm is in the first position with 946,301 direct premiums written and 947,830 direct premiums earned. According to the NAIC data, State Farm’s market share in North Carolina is 14.87%. For car owners in Cornelius, NC, State Farm offers numerous discounts to lower car insurance costs. These discounts include accident-free discounts, anti-theft discounts, and driver improvement course discounts.


Geico is in the second position with 780,564 direct premiums written and 758,069 direct premiums earned. The market share of the Geico in North Carolina is 12.26 %, as per the NAIC data. In Cornelius, NC, Geico’s car insurance costs can vary depending on factors like vehicle equipment, driving history and habits, driver's education, driver affiliations, and customer loyalty.


Nationwide is in the third position with 689,089 direct premiums written and 700,293 direct premiums earned. NAIC data shows that the market share of Nationwide in North Carolina is 10.83%. Nationwide provides various discounts to car owners in Cornelius, NC. It includes but is not limited to multi-policy, SmartRide, SmartMiles, and Good student. 


The National General insurance group is in the fourth position with 645,503 direct premiums written and 616,940 direct premiums earned. The market share of National in North Carolina is 10.14 %, according to the NAIC. National General insurance quotes in Cornelius, NC, can vary depending upon factors like driver’s credit scores, the number of safety equipment installed, and deductibles. 


The Carolina Farm Bureau is in the fifth position with 612,305 direct premiums written and 603,765 direct premiums earned. The market share of the Carolina Farm Bureau is reported to be 9.62% in North Carolina by NAIC. For car owners in Cornelius, NC, factors such as the driver’s age, annual mileage, coverage type, and driver’s credit scores can influence the cost of car insurance offered by the Carolina Farm Bureau.