Top Car Manufacturers with the most number of electric car patents


Zimlon analyzed electric car patents listed on Justia Patents and classified them under the companies that owned them. Toyota has the most number of electric car patents, with 1040 patents to its name. Honda had the next highest number of patents with 289. 

Many companies in today’s times are making their electric car patents open source and royalty-free to use even by rival companies. Toyota recently announced that it would grant royalty-free licenses on most of its patents for vehicle electrification related technology. The company will also offer fee-based technical support to other manufacturers developing and selling electric vehicles.

Tesla was one of the first companies to apply the open-source philosophy to its electric car patents way back in June 2014. All this is a broader effort by vehicle manufacturers to lower carbon emissions from automobiles at a faster rate. Elon Musk had said back in 2014 that Tesla’s real competition is not the small trickle of non-tesla electric cars, but the enormous flood of gasoline vehicles coming out of the world’s factories, which were approaching 100 million a year and the total global fleet reaching 2 billion. 

With most companies switching to electric cars, the world as a whole would benefit from a rapidly evolving technological platform. The bulk of the patents owned by Tesla are for their battery and charging technologies, which are the biggest challenges for an upcoming electric car manufacturer.