Ways to Lower Cost of Car Insurance in Americus, GA

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The average cost of car insurance in Americus, GA, is $1,570. This cost is higher than nearby locations like Sumter County, Plains, and Andersonville but lower than other nearby locations like Leslie-De Soto and Ellaville South. Car owners in Americus, GA, can lower car insurance costs by comparing multiple auto insurance quotes. Some factors that affect auto insurance costs in Americus, GA, are explored below in detail by Zimlon.



The neighborhood one lives in Americus, GA, significantly influences the cost of car insurance. The make and model of the vehicle, rate of auto thefts in the neighborhood, and age of the driver are some crucial factors that can reduce or increase the cost of car insurance within the city. Zimlon offers the service of finding accurate insurance quotes using one’s zip code.


This is one of the most common factors influencing the cost of car insurance in Americus, GA. A low deductible ($500) usually increases auto insurance value, whereas a high deductible ($1,000) lowers it. According to Zimlon’s research, the average cost of auto insurance in Americus, GA, on a deductible of $500 is $1,228, and this cost will decrease to $1,037 when the deductible is $1,000. 

Age of the Driver: 

Car owners in Americus, GA, can lower the cost of car insurance and get various discounts by comparing multiple age of the driver based policies offered by different insurance companies. According to Zimlon’s analysis, teenagers and young drivers pay more on car insurance than older drivers as insurance companies consider them less responsible drivers. Zimlon found that the cost of car insurance for a teenager in Americus, GA, is $5,094, and this cost reduces to $2,017 for a 20-year-old driver. Drivers between the ages of 30 to 50 years pay less than $1,600 for car insurance in Americus, GA. 

Multi-Car Insurance: 

Auto Insurance companies in Americus, GA, offer attractive discounts on multi-car insurance policies and bundling. Car owners in Americus, GA, can lower insurance costs by purchasing their life, auto, and home insurance from the same insurance company. According to Zimlon’s analysis, by insuring two cars together, residents of Americus, GA, can save $471. Insuring three or four cars with the same insurer can further save $707 and $942, respectively. 

Anti-Theft Feature: 

Cars equipped with safety devices are less prone to thefts; therefore, auto insurance companies in Americus, GA, provide a considerable amount of discounts to vigilant car owners. The discounts can depend on the type and number of safety devices installed. According to Zimlon’s research, car owners in Americus, GA, can get car insurance for $1,507 by installing safety devices like an audible alarm and an active disabling device. Installing additional anti-theft features like tracking devices and passive disabling devices can further reduce car insurance costs to $1,476 and $1,460, respectively.