Ways to Lower the Cost of Car Insurance in Jacksonville, FL

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Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida. The U.S Census Bureau estimates the population of Florida to be around one million. A large population inevitably means a larger number of car owners. The highest car insurance rate that a car owner pays in the city of Jacksonville is $1,911, while the lowest is $1,153. This clearly indicates that the cost of insuring one’s car is quite high in Jacksonville. Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami are the most expensive cities in Florida in terms of car insurance, while Tallahassee, Sarasota, and Ocala are the most affordable cities. The state of Florida is the 18th most affordable state in the U.S to buy car insurance. The average cost of car insurance in Jacksonville is higher than the average cost of car insurance in Florida. In such circumstances, lowering the rate of insurance would require a lot of comparison and analysis. It is common knowledge that even a minor accident on one’s driving record can increase the cost of insurance. But, by being aware of general factors that influence insurance rates, and by comparing rates, car owners can lower the cost of insurance by $570 in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville also has a relatively higher rate of auto thefts. Although,  Florida is third on the list of auto thefts in the country, Jacksonville ranks 118th on a list of 380 cities. High rate of auto thefts result in increased car insurance premiums. Demographics also plays a crucial role in the cost of car insurance. Teenagers in general pay the most on car insurance, and Jacksonville is no exception. Considered to be unsafe drivers, male teenagers pay as much as $3,835 a year on car insurance costs in Jacksonville. However, the cost of car insurance for women, particularly married women is relatively less. Married women pay only $1,197 a year while married men pay $2,281 a year. 

By bundling insurance, drivers in Jacksonville can lower their insurance rates. Most insurers offer multiple-vehicle discounts. 40 percent of Jacksonville’s population owns one car, while almost 38 percent own two cars. For example, the cost of insuring two cars in Jacksonville is $2,710. Neighbouring cities such as Nassau County have it cheaper at $2,223.

car_insurance_savingsThe rate of insurance also depends closely on the car owner’s location in Jacksonville. People in different areas of Jacksonville have different rates of savings. A 25-year-old, married woman from Sandalwood Boulevard could save $909, while a 27-year-old woman, from Pacific Silver Dr, can save only $497. In another comparison, a 75-year-old senior male driving a 2013 Honda Civic LX, finds himself saving $129 more than a 73-year-old senior female driving a 2010 Toyota Prius V. 

While looking to lower the cost of car insurance, it is also essential to remember to strike a balance between your requirements and the cost. As mentioned above, the cost of car insurance is influenced by numerous factors, ranging from micro-level factors such as the street one lives in, to macro-level factors such as the make of the car. It would also be smart to look into the best insurance companies in Jacksonville and Florida before arriving at a decision.