What makes Car Insurance Expensive in Aiken, SC

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Car Owners in Aiken pay as low as $654 and as high as $1,038 per year. Zimlon found that car owners in Aiken can save up to $586 by comparing rates and reviews. Car insurance rates are influenced by several factors, such as age and gender of the driver. It is also influenced by the make of the car, the cost of additional parts and location within the city.

The average cost of car insurance in Aiken is $865, which is slightly lower than the state average of $1,161 in South Carolina. Car Insurance in Aiken is more expensive than the neighboring cities of Gloversville and Graniteville.

Gender and age are also crucial factors in determining the rate of one’s insurance. Teenage male drivers are considered to be unsafe drivers, resulting in expensive insurance for this age group. A male teenager pays $276 more on average on car insurance than a female teenager. Married women are considered to be the safest of the lot. The average cost of insurance for a married woman in Aiken is $726. This is less than both the average of the city and the state. Married men pay $1,306, $580 more than married women. Besides, car insurance costs less for senior women when compared to senior men. While senior women pay $1349, senior men pay a slightly higher amount of $1,453.

Bundling should be the go-to option if one wants to obtain car insurance at lesser rates. Car owners who own 2 vehicles can get their cars insured for $2,269, while the cost of insuring 3 cars is only $3,463. A higher deductible need not always mean greater benefits. This depends on the make of one’s car. Zimlon’s analysis revealed that paying a higher deductible on car insurance for a Toyota Sequoia SR5 and a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S did not reap any profitable benefits. In fact, there were no savings, despite higher deductibles.

Savings one derives from car insurance is dependent on multiple factors. Car Owners in Aiken bundling 2 cars pay an average car insurance premium of $1,644, while car owners bundling 3 vehicles pay an average insurance premium of $2,504, and car owners bundling 4 vehicles in Aiken pay an average car insurance premium of $3,374.