What Makes Car Insurance Expensive in Nobel, IN?

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The average cost of car insurance in Nobel, IN, is $1,481. This is higher than the average insurance cost of nearby locations like Roann and Waltz but lower than other locations like Lagro, Paw Paw, and Erie. The state laws require that every driver is to have minimum coverage for auto insurance in Indiana on their car. However, car insurance often becomes expensive due to factors like the location one lives in. If the neighborhood is more prone to car and auto theft, the cost of auto insurance is likely to be expensive. Below is a list by Zimlon elaborating on factors that make car insurance expensive in Nobel, IN.


The neighborhood one lives in Nobel, IN, is one of the important determinants of how expensive the auto insurance will get for the residents. Zimlon offers the service to finding one’s accurate zip code to get the best auto insurance quotes from multiple auto insurance companies. The make and model of the vehicle and the rate of auto thefts in the neighborhood also increase or reduce the insurance costs within the city. 

Age of the Driver: 

Zimlon analysis found that auto-insurance for teens in Nobel, IN, is much more expensive than middle-aged drivers. This is mainly because insurance companies consider teenagers to be less responsible drivers than middle-aged or older drivers. 

In Nobel, IN, teenagers have to pay nearly $4,806 for their car insurance whereas, drivers of 20 years of age pay $1,903. Car insurance costs for drivers between the age of 40 to 60 years in Nobel, IN is also less expensive and falls under the cap of $1300 to $1400.


Driving Violations: 

Different types and numbers of driving violations can make car insurance expensive in Nobel, IN. 

These driving violations stay on the driver record for a considerable amount of time, leading to expensive car insurance rates. It is the severity of violations that determine how long it will stay on record. 

According to Zimlon’s analysis in Nobel, IN, driving violations like failing to show documents or driving with an expired registration can increase insurance costs to $144 and $153, respectively. Other violations like using a cellphone while driving, running a red light, and speeding can make insurance expensive by more than $300. More severe violations like driving with an expired or suspended license can cost $998 in Nobel, IN. 

A Vehicle Without Anti-theft Features: 

Cars equipped with safety devices are less prone to thefts; therefore, auto insurance companies provide a considerable amount of discounts to vigilant car owners. Residents on Nobel, IN, can make their car insurance less expensive by installing anti-theft devices in their cars. 

Although these discounts depend on the type and number of safety devices installed, Zimlon’s research identified some anti-theft features that can help car owners in Nobel, IN to make their auto-insurance less expensive. The average insurance cost for an audible alarm and active disabling device in the car is $1,422, whereas features like a tracking device and passive disabling device cost less than $1400 in Nobel, IN. 

Driving Under Influence (DUI): 

Driving Under Influence (DUI) is another crucial factor that leads to expensive car insurance costs in Nobel, IN. The cost of auto insurance increases drastically post-DUI. The graph below is a comparison of auto insurance rates before and after DUI in and around Noble, IN.