Dale County Auto Insurance Rates, Quotes, Agents & Reviews in AL

Dale County, AL Auto Insurance Rates, Quotes, Agents & Reviews

Zimlon, through its research, found that car owners in Dale County, AL, can avail multiple discounts on car insurance by taking various factors into consideration. These factors are explored in detail by Zimlon in the analysis below.

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Understanding the Dynamics of Car Insurance Rates in Dale County, AL

Dale County, AL, offers a blend of urban and rural environments, resulting in a unique car insurance landscape. For residents looking to navigate this often complex world of car insurance, an understanding of the main players, the intricacies of quotes, rates, and agents, as well as the factors influencing rates, is imperative. This article sheds light on these aspects to provide clarity.

Spotlight on Major Competitors and Their Rates

  • State Farm: As a dominant presence in the insurance sector, State Farm's annual premiums for Dale County residents average between $1,230 and $1,450.
  • Geico: With a nationwide reach, Geico’s rates typically span from $1,200 to $1,380 annually in Dale County.
  • Progressive: Catering to diverse needs, Progressive's annual rates range between $1,240 and $1,460 for the county's inhabitants.
  • Allstate: As a comprehensive insurance provider, Allstate's yearly premiums in Dale County fluctuate around $1,270 to $1,500.

Diving Deep: Quotes, Rates & Agents

  • Quotes: Personalized estimates based on individual criteria (e.g., age, vehicle type, driving history), quotes offer a potential snapshot of one’s insurance costs.
  • Rates: Representing a more generalized cost, rates help residents benchmark and compare their potential expenses against a broader Dale County average.
  • Agents: Acting as a bridge between insurance companies and customers, agents clarify policy details, identify discounts, and customize plans to suit individual needs.

Factors Steering Insurance Rates in Dale County, AL

  • Demographics: Age, gender, and marital status can notably affect rates. For instance, younger drivers, due to perceived inexperience, might be subject to higher rates.
  • Driving Record: A clean slate can unlock lower rates, while a history of violations might surge premiums.
  • Vehicle Specifics: The age, make, model, and safety features of a car can significantly influence the rate determination.
  • Local Dynamics: Dale County-specific traits, like traffic congestion levels, crime rates, or road infrastructure quality, can play a crucial role in rate calculations.
  • Coverage Level: Comprehensive coverages typically command higher premiums than basic liability-only policies.
  • Deductible Choices: Opting for a higher deductible can reduce annual premiums but demands more upfront payment in the event of a claim.
  • Discount Opportunities: Leveraging available discounts, be it for safe driving, bundled policies, or anti-theft devices, can trim down premiums.

For Dale County residents, traversing the car insurance realm requires an insightful understanding of the offerings by major players, enriched by the expertise of local agents. By staying informed and proactively comparing quotes, Dale County's denizens can secure optimal coverage that aligns with their needs and budget.

Factors that can influence the cost of car insurance in Dale County, AL are listed below. It is imperative to understand these factors in order to reduce the cost of car insurance. It is also essential to strike a balance between the cost of insurance and the coverage requirements.

Dale County, AL Auto Insurance Rate Comparisons with Neighboring Locations | Back to Top

The following table compares the cost of insurance in Dale County, AL with that of other cities in and around Dale County.

Dale County Fort Rucker Midland City Echo Newton-Midland City Ozark
Average Insurance Rates $1,433 $1,962 $1,417 $1,405 $1,428 $1,436

Dale County, AL Auto Insurance Rates vary Based on Deductibles in Neighboring Cities | Back to Top

The following table makes a comparison of the variation in car insurance rates in and around Dale County, AL based on the change in deductibles. A higher deductible leads to a decrease in the cost of car insurance.

Location Low Deductible ($500) High Deductible ($1000)
Dale County $1,137 $960
Ozark $1,505 $1,271
Newton $2,274 $1,921
Fort Rucker $2,021 $1,707
Pinckard $2,471 $2,087
Newton-Midland City $2,225 $1,879
Echo $1,431 $1,208
Midland City $1,319 $1,114

Dale County, AL Auto Insurance Rates Based on the Age of the Driver | Back to Top

Teenagers in Dale County, AL usually pay a much higher car insurance rate compared to the rest of the state as they are generally considered to be less responsible behind the wheel. Middle-aged drivers are likely to pay lower car insurance premiums if they are considered to be safer drivers by insurance companies.

Age of Driver Insurance Cost
Teens $4,650
20 Years $1,841
30 Years $1,418
40 Years $1,364
50 Years $1,264
60 Years $1,281
70 Years $1,491

Dale County, AL Car Insurance Discounts for Multi-Car Insurance | Back to Top

Car owners in Dale County, AL can obtain discounts if they insure multiple vehicles with the same insurer. The average savings one can obtain are as follows:

Number of Cars Auto Insurance Cost Total Savings
2 Vehicles $2,493 $373
3 Vehicles $3,740 $559
4 Vehicles $4,987 $745

Savings on 2 Vehicles bundle:$373

Savings on 3 Vehicles bundle:$559

Savings on 4 Vehicles bundle:$745

Dale County, AL Post- DUI Auto Insurance Rates | Back to Top

Driving Under Influence (DUI) can be an added burden on your wallet. The cost of auto insurance will go up post-DUI. The below graph does a comparison of auto insurance rates before and after DUI in and around Dale County, AL.

Location Average Insurance Cost Post DUI Insurance Rate
Dale County $1,433 $2,541
Ozark $1,436 $2,546
Newton $1,416 $2,511
Fort Rucker $1,962 $3,479
Pinckard $1,440 $2,553
Newton-Midland City $1,428 $2,532
Echo $1,405 $2,491
Midland City $1,417 $2,512

Dale County, AL Auto Insurance Rates Based on Credit Score | Back to Top

Car insurance companies can use the Credit Score of car drivers to determine car insurance rates. Car drivers with good credit can avail of substantial discounts on car insurance rates.

Credit Score Insurance Cost
Exceptional (800-850) $1,229
Excellent (740-799) $1,403
Good (670-739) $1,493
Average (580-669) $1,948
Poor (300-579) $2,337

Dale County, AL Auto Insurance Agents | Back to Top

Car owners can obtain quotes from multiple auto insurance companies. Comparing different quotes can help identify the cheapest auto insurance provider best suited for their coverage needs.

Agent Name Company Agent Address Contact Details
Brian Jones State Farm 190 Westgate Pkwy, Dothan, 36303-2931 334-793-6396
Jenna Mack State Farm 209 N Us Highway 231, Ozark, 36360-4865 334-774-2020
Andrew Anderson Allstate 936 W Carroll St Ste 1, Dothan, 36301 (334) 792-4407
Cindy Nemish State Farm 1548 S Us Highway 231 Ste E, Ozark, 36360-4516 334-774-4938
Circle Insurance Agency Inc Travelers 863 ANDREWS AVE, OZARK, 36361 334-774-7177
Kreis Agency, Llc None 109 U. S. 231 South , Troy, 36081 None
Walt Chapman State Farm 115 Hardaway Ave W, Union Springs, 36089-1502 334-738-2590

Dale County, AL Auto Insurance Rates can Increase Based on Driving Violations | Back to Top

Auto insurance rates tend to increase depending on the type and number of driving violations. The driving violations can stay on the record for a considerable amount of time leading to higher auto insurance rates. The severity of the driving violation and place of residence will determine how long the violation stays on record.

Driving Violation Cost Increase Total Insurance Cost
Driving Without Headlights +$63 $1,496
Driver's Failure In Showing Documents +$139 $1,572
Driving With An Expired Registration +$148 $1,581
Driving At A Considerably Slow Pace +$311 $1,744
Using A Cellphone While Driving +$328 $1,761
Running A Red Light +$334 $1,767
Speeding +$351 $1,784
Driving A Vehicle Without The Required Permission +$446 $1,879
Driving With An Expired/Suspended License +$966 $2,399

Dale County, AL Auto Insurance Rates Based on Anti-Theft Feature | Back to Top

Cars that are equipped with safety devices are less prone to thefts. As a result, auto insurance companies provide a considerable amount of discounts to vigilant car owners. The discounts vary depending on the type and number of safety devices installed.

Anti Theft Feature Insurance Cost
Audible Alarm $1,376
Active Disabling Device $1,376
Tracking Device $1,347
Passive Disabling Device $1,333