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$1066 $1647 $2606

Latest Auto Insurance Reviews in Downey, California

Buying car insurance can be quite difficult unless you choose the right insurance. It is always recommended to pay adequate attention to all the add-on riders.
State Farm
We have had to make 2 claims over the years on our auto insurance, never a problem with State Farm. Fast service and payment
They provide offerings that are standard across the auto/vehicle insurance market. They do let you pick the type of coverage you feel you need.
State Farm
I'd recommend State Farm. I've used them for 5 years, and they're easy to work with. They cost the same of less than other brand names you've heard of, and they're local and easy to deal with.
If you need help they are there and they take the time to listen and suggest the best plans for you and your situation.
State Farm
Highly recommend State Farm as not only for home insurance but for car insurance as well. Always so helpful, respectful, and willing to go the distance.
State Farm
My insurance rate is very very cheap however I am not hearing good things about when you have to file a claim with them.
I despise geico and all other car insurance companies. I was told that I could not insure my vehicle in my home state (I am a student) which I later found out was false and had costed me nearly $300 extra dollars over the course of six months.
I despise geico and all other car insurance companies. I was told that I could not insure my vehicle in my home state (I am a student) which I later found out was false and had costed me nearly $300 extra dollars over the course of six months.
I don't want any other company insurance. Because my friends are all have other company insurance but i heard they have some problem to claim it.
Oceanpoint Insurance
This insurance has the lowest price on car insurance as well as rideshare insurance simply because they don't heavily advertise their insurance. I currently have a full coverage insurance at a really affordable price.
American National Property And Casualty Company
My premiums are higher than some companies, but I feel like the personal service is exceptional and worth the money because my company goes 'above and beyond' when it really matters. If I'm in a stressful situation and calling my insurance company, I can rely on them to be understanding and to reduce the stress level and help me get back to my normal routine as soon as possible.
State Farm
I have no problems with the company the policy was easy to obtain and other than that we don't contact them or have any reason to.
Encompass Insurance
Our coverage is about average for the amount we have. We have 5 cars, a boat, home, and a $1 million umbrella policy. We also have 2 teenagers and a 21 year old on our policy so our premium is high.
State Farm
I have not compared insurance companies in a very long time. The last time I looked, the cost of my coverage was a very little bit more expensive. However, it would have to save considerable money for me to lose the years I have invested in State Farm.
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Allstate Auto Insurance, Downey, CA
$128/1 month
Car Insurance Policy Holder
  • Single 24 Years old Female licensed 2 years ago with Leased Ford Mustang GT used for Commute to Work or School with estimated annual mileage of 20,001+.
  • less than high school education & Part Time Job.
  • No accidents , No traffic tickets , No DUIs , No Licence suspensions .
Car Insurance Policy & Coverage Details:
  • 1 car insured & 1 person is part of this policy
  • Home and Auto insurance are from difference companies
  • $250K (Per Person Bodily Injury) / $500K (Per Accident Bodily Injury)
  • 5 K Property Damage
  • 300 K Personal Injury Protection
  • 50 K Uninsured Motorists Bodily Injury
  • 100 K Uninsured Motorists Property Damage

Downey Car Insurance Rate Comparisons

Downey, CA's average car insurance of $1647 differs from South Whittier (+$303), Santa Fe Springs, CA (-$65), Cudahy, CA (+$71) and California (+$172)

Downey South Whittier Santa Fe Springs, CA Cudahy, CA California
Median Insurance Rates $1647 +$303 -$65 +$71 +$172

Downey Car Insurance Savings By Neighborhood & Street Area

Downey Driver Street Residence & Car Locations Car Details in Downey Downey Driver Demographics Downey Auto Insurance Estimates Recent Downey Insurance Savings
Corrigan Ave2000 Audi A6 2.8 quattro17 year female teenager$4081$425
Izetta Ave2002 Buick Rendezvous CXL45 year married woman$1556$597
Brunache St2007 Ford Fusion V6 SEL68 year female senior$1623$830
Gneiss Ave2012 Hyundai Sonata GLS63 year senior$1714$851
Fulton Wells
Lake Center Park Ln2003 Chevrolet Silverado K2500 Heavy Duty28 year woman$1501$335
Ringwood Ave2011 Cadillac DTS Platinum Collection52 year married man$2230$815
McCallum St2010 Nissan Rogue S50 year man$1987$555
Blodgett Ave2010 Mazda Mazda3 s Grand Touring18 year teenager$3433$459
New St2010 Toyota Prius III16 year male teenager$3200$721
Marbel Ave2009 Acura TSX Base77 year male senior$1668$636

Downey Post DUI Car Insurance Rates

Downey Pico Rivera Artesia South Gate-East Los Angeles California
Median Post DUI Insurance Rate $3063 +$15 -$180 +$1084 +$320
Male Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $6677 +$32 -$393 +$2364 +$697
Female Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $6645 +$34 -$390 +$2355 +$696

The Post DUI insurance in Downey, CA's is $3063 compared to Pico Rivera (+$15), Artesia (-$180), South Gate-East Los Angeles (+$1084) and California (+$320)

In Downey, a male teenager with Post DUI pays $32 more than a female teenager Post DUI. For Example, a Male Teenager Post DUI with a 2007 Ford Fusion V6 SEL in Downey, CA would pay $6093 on auto insurance while a female teenager POST DUI would pay $6065.

Downey Car Insurance by Segment

Downey Teenagers Car Insurance Rates Comparison

9116 Downey Teenagers (8% of total population), 52% Male & 48% Female.

Downey Bell Montebello Paramount California
All Teenagers $3590 +$1336 +$94 -$83 +$375
Male Teenager $3590 +$1336 +$94 -$83 +$375
Female Teenager $3573 +$1331 +$94 -$82 +$374

Downey teenagers pay $3590 in insurance in contrast with Bell (+$1336), Montebello (+$94), Paramount (-$83) and California (+$375). The difference between Male & Female teenagers in Downey is $17


  • 2013 Honda Civic U.S. LX Male Teenager Insurance Rate $3121
  • 2010 Lincoln MKZ Base Female Teenager Insurance Rate $3567

Downey Men & Women Car Insurance

111807 Downey Adults (100% of total population), 49% Men & 51% Women.

Downey Pico Rivera West Whittier-Los Nietos South Gate California
All Women $1597 +$8 +$401 +$116 +$167
Married Women $1548 +$7 +$388 +$112 +$161
All Men $2091 +$10 +$525 +$151 +$219
Married Men $1992 +$10 +$500 +$144 +$208

The typical insurance rate of $2091 that Downey Men pay varies from Pico Rivera (+$10), West Whittier-Los Nietos (+$525), South Gate (+$151) and California (+$219). In Downey, married men pay $444 more than married women.


  • 2007 Chrysler 300C \N Married Men Insurance Rate $1742
  • 2012 Dodge Journey Crew Married Women Insurance Rate $2099

Downey Senior Car Insurance

16591 Downey Seniors (14% of total population), 44% Senior Men & 56% Senior Women.

Downey Paramount East Rancho Dominguez Bellflower California
All Seniors $1745 -$40 +$883 -$41 +$183
Senior Men $1712 -$39 +$867 -$40 +$179
Senior Women $1778 -$41 +$900 -$42 +$186

Downey seniors pay $1745 in insurance compared to Paramount (-$40), East Rancho Dominguez (+$883), Bellflower (-$41) and California (+$183). In Downey, senior men pay $66 less than senior women.

Downey Car Insurance Discounts for Multiple Vehicles

Downey Population with 1 Vehicle 10131 (31% of Downey population), 2 Vehicles 12227 (37% of the Downey population) and 3 vehicles 5497 (17% of the population)

Downey Norwalk Cudahy West Whittier-Los Nietos California
2 Vehicles $3130 -$33 +$135 +$784 +$327
3 Vehicles $4777 -$50 +$206 +$1197 +$499
4 Vehicles $6424 -$67 +$277 +$1610 +$671

Downey Auto Insurance Rates Vary by Deductible

Low Deductible ($500) High Deductible ($1000)
Make & Model Example Claim Amount Yearly Premium Total Yearly Cost Yearly Premium Total Yearly Cost Net Savings for High Deductible Plan
Ford, Focus Titanium $700 $1680 $2180 $1570 $2270 $-90
Ford, Explorer Limited $300 $1670 $1970 $1570 $1870 $100
Fiat, 500 Pop $1000 $1840 $2340 $1750 $2750 $-410
Ford, Edge Limited $200 $1730 $1930 $1650 $1850 $80
Toyota, Camry XLE $400 $1710 $2110 $1580 $1980 $130