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Maine is the best state to buy Ford Edge; median price of this car is the highest in Alaska

Ford Edge is a midsize crossover SUV manufactured by Ford Motor Company. The production for this car model started in the year 2006 and the model came to the market in 2007.

In this feature, we will compare the insurance averages and median prices of this model across various states of the United States and try to find the best deal for the interested customers. Please note that the used cars belong to the year range of 2005-2012.

The table below helps us compare the three states with the lowest insurance average.

State Insurance average ($) Median Price ($) Insurance percentage
Maine 805 19,500 4%
Iowa 880 21,202 4%
North Carolina 913 21,900 4%

Looking at the above figures it is certain that buying Ford Edge from the state of Maine will be the best option since it has the lowest insurance average overall and the lowest median price among the above three states.

Let us now compare the three states with the lowest median price.

State Insurance average ($) Median price ($) Insurance percentage
Colorado 1,083 19,000 5%
Maine 805 19,500 4%
Utah 1,214 19,972 6%

Even after analyzing the above figures, Maine is the best option for buying this car model, with the second lowest median price and lowest insurance average overall.

Looking at the highest insurance average, Louisiana tops the chart ($ 2218) followed by Michigan ($ 2186). The median prices in Louisiana and Michigan are $ 21994 and $ 19995, respectively. Both the median prices are close to the low median price but in spite of this buying the cars from these two states would not benefit the customers due to the high insurance average.

The lowest insurance percentage has been recorded at Vermont (3%) where the median price is on the higher side ($ 26965).

Alaska, the largest U.S. state in terms of area has the highest median price of $ 27998 followed by Wyoming, the second densely populated state ($ 27180). According to available data, Alaska has only one Ford Edge and Wyoming, four. This could have contributed to increasing the median price of the car in these states.  

Drunk driving has high costs even in the cheapest auto insurance state of Maine

Maine is among the cheapest states in the country to insure your vehicle. The average insurance premium in Maine as of December 2013 is $827. Given friendly traffic and weather conditions, it is relatively cheap to insure your car in most counties in Maine. In Portland you’ll pay, on average, $788 to insure your car. In Kennebunkport you may pay as little as $750. The average auto insurance premium in both Old Orchard Beach and Biddeford is $755. When compared to most states around the country, these rates are very low.

Any auto insurance savings that you make by living in Biddeford, as opposed to say Detroit, MI or Brooklyn, NY, will be undone if you get caught driving drunk. Operating under the influence (OUI) is illegal in Maine, as it is in the rest of the country. OUI carries penalties such as fines and in some cases jail time as well as suspension of license. Added to these stringent penalties, inflated insurance costs will bear upon you.

Drunk driving will shoot your insurance premium up by 86%. This means a rise from $827 to $1538 in the average insurance premium rate in Maine as of December 2013. In Kennebunkport, it rises to $1395 and in Old Orchard Beach it’ll go up to $1404. To put that in perspective, if you live in Old Orchard Beach and have two accidents, your insurance premium will go up to $1387. In the event that you are caught drunk driving there is a way to reduce your rate a bit. A defensive driving course in which drivers are taught not only better driving skills to negotiate adverse driving conditions but also better judgment in matters related to driving, will reduce your premium by 15%. That means, after a defensive driving course, you can expect to pay $1193 in Old Orchard Beach.

Maine Auto Insurance Rates

Below are the minimum, average and maximum insurance rate estimates for neighbourhoods in and around Maine, ME.

Lowest Rate:$700
Average Rate:$800
Highest Rate:$1100

Recent Savings From Top Providers in Maine

Rank Customer Zipcode Amount Saved
1 4736 $159
2 4239 $152
3 4400 $150
4 4400 $148

Compare Auto Insurance Companies in Maine

Company A.M Best Rating on
Financial Strength
Year Founded
Progressive A+ 1937
State Farm A++ 1922
Allstate A+ 1931
GEICO A++ 1936
Nationwide A+ 1925

Maine Auto Insurance Requirements

Minimum limits of liability for auto insurance in Maine as per ME State Laws

Bodily Injury Liability

  • $50,000 for death/injury of any one person, per accident.
  • $100,000 for all persons per accident.

Property Damage Liability

  • $25,000 per accident.

Maine Car Insurance Average Rates by Make

In addition to the location, one key factor that contributes to the insurance rates in Maine is the vehicle's make and model. Especially the vehicle's theft rates in Maine

MakeInsurance Average PremiumView Details
MakeInsurance Average PremiumView Details

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