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How accidents and DUI charges impact auto insurance premiums in the state of Nebraska

Auto insurance is not very expensive in the state of Nebraska. The average annual insurance rate in this state is $1384, making Nebraska the 20th least expensive state to buy auto insurance.

Like most other states, proof of financial responsibility is a must to legally drive in Nebraska. Both auto insurance and surety bonds are considered to fulfil this requirement. Minimum coverage requirements are $25,000 (bodily injury to one person), $25,000 (property damage), and $50,000 (bodily injury to more than one person). Collision and comprehensive coverage is optional. You must buy uninsured motorist coverage, unless you give a written statement refusing it.

Insurance rates are determined by several factors: your age, gender, make and model of your car, and most importantly, your driving record. Accidents and speeding tickets are likely to increase your premiums, but alcohol related offences have the greatest effect on your insurance premiums.

Let us see what happens to insurance premiums in the city of Omaha if your vehicle is involved in one or more accidents, or you are faced with DUI charges. In Omaha, you will have to pay $1530 as insurance premium if your car is involved in one accident. In case your car has been involved in two accidents you might have to pay $2282 as average insurance premium.

One accident on your record in Nebraska could increase a multi-car policy premium to $1661 and a single-car policy premium to $1938. This is because of the Insurance Services Office’s (ISO) surcharge standard followed by most auto insurance companies.

When you renew your insurance policy, one accident in the past three years on your driving record could affect your premiums by increasing them to an amount between $1730 and $ 2076.

Drunk driving charges can increase your premium rates to $2310 which is more than what you pay with two minor accidents on your driving record. Alcohol related offences are avoidable, while accidents cannot be foreseen and inevitable. Insurance companies do not take kindly towards those who get behind the wheel in an inebriated state. It is best to avoid this added expense, since most insurance companies tend to punish you for at least 3 years after your first DUIconviction with increased rates.

Nebraska Auto Insurance Rates

Below are the minimum, average and maximum insurance rate estimates for neighbourhoods in and around Nebraska, NE.

Lowest Rate:$900
Average Rate:$1400
Highest Rate:$2100

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Progressive A+ 1937
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Nebraska Auto Insurance Requirements

Minimum limits of liability for auto insurance in Nebraska as per NE State Laws

Bodily Injury Liability

  • $25,000 for death/injury of any one person, per accident.
  • $50,000 for all persons per accident.

Property Damage Liability

  • $25,000 per accident.

Nebraska Car Insurance Average Rates by Make

In addition to the location, one key factor that contributes to the insurance rates in Nebraska is the vehicle's make and model. Especially the vehicle's theft rates in Nebraska

MakeInsurance Average PremiumView Details
MakeInsurance Average PremiumView Details

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