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How much will it cost me in New Mexico if I choose to drive under the influence?

Auto insurance in New Mexico does not come cheap, with New Mexico ranking 25th on the list of the most expensive states to buy auto insurance. As of December 2013, the average annual insurance premium rate paid by the state of New Mexico is $1431. This is high if you compare it to the average insurance rates of states such as Maine or Idaho, but much lower than that of Louisiana, Michigan or Georgia.

New Mexico is one of the nine states where it is mandated for insurers to offer you a discount on your premium if you install an anti-theft device in your car. You can save between $214 and $286 if you opt for a passive anti-theft device. You could combine this with a vehicle recovery system to increase your discount.  

One of the most important factors that affect your insurance premiums is your driving record. If you have been convicted for an alcohol-related driving offense in the past three years, insurance companies are likely to charge you a much higher premium. In the state of New Mexico, for example, the first time you are caught driving drunk your premium will increase from an average of $1,431 up to $2,662.  You could try to lower your premium by taking a defensive driving course, after which your premium could be lowered to $2,263.

Since the average insurance rates differ from zip code to zip code within New Mexico, the premium hikes hit you in some areas more than others. The average annual premium is as high as $1,291 in the city of Albuquerque, while it is only $952 in Alamogordo.

In Santa Fe, a single accident during the term of your insurance policy can increase your premium up to $1416 and in Albuquerque up to $1590.  A subsequent accident is bound to take a heavy toll on your premium, with an increase up to $2113 in Santa Fe and $2372 in Albuquerque.

In the present economic climate, auto insurance premiums are on the rise across the states. With each alcohol related offense, your insurance company hikes your premium. This is an easily avoidable expense. You could save yourself from long term financial losses by keeping your driving record clean.

New Mexico Auto Insurance Rates

Below are the minimum, average and maximum insurance rate estimates for neighbourhoods in and around New Mexico, NM.

Lowest Rate:$1000
Average Rate:$1400
Highest Rate:$1700

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Rank Customer Zipcode Amount Saved
1 87009 $317
2 79922 $310
3 87001 $308
4 87002 $306

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Company A.M Best Rating on
Financial Strength
Year Founded
Progressive A+ 1937
State Farm A++ 1922
Allstate A+ 1931
GEICO A++ 1936
Farmers A 1928

New Mexico Auto Insurance Requirements

Minimum limits of liability for auto insurance in New Mexico as per NM State Laws

Bodily Injury Liability

  • $25,000 for death/injury of any one person, per accident.
  • $50,000 for all persons per accident.

Property Damage Liability

  • $10,000 per accident.

New Mexico Car Insurance Average Rates by Make

In addition to the location, one key factor that contributes to the insurance rates in New Mexico is the vehicle's make and model. Especially the vehicle's theft rates in New Mexico

MakeInsurance Average PremiumView Details
MakeInsurance Average PremiumView Details

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$395 for 6 Months

I really like using Geico because they are always fair and friendly. They really work hard to give me the best deal. I have a pretty good driving record but my husband's is not the best and we still don't pay a lot. I am insuring two cars. A mini van and a sedan. I am 38 years old and my husband is 44. I don't drive much, only about once a week, but my husband drives everyday. I chose the coverage I have because my car is old so I only need basic insurance. My husband has full coverage because he is still paying for his car. I chose Geico because they are so reasonable. I used State Farm before but got a better rate with Geico. I do not buy any other insurance products from them because I don't need any other insurance right now.

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