San Francisco Auto Insurance Rates, Quotes, Agents & Reviews in CA

San Francisco, CA Auto Insurance Rates, Quotes, Agents & Reviews

Zimlon, through its research, found that car owners in San Francisco, CA, can avail multiple discounts on car insurance by taking various factors into consideration. These factors are explored in detail by Zimlon in the analysis below.

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The cars with the lowest and highest insurance costs in San Francisco

San Francisco is neither the most expensive, nor the most affordable city to buy auto insurance in California. At $1587, San Francisco’s average insurance rate is the median rate between Orange County’s rates (the lowest, at $1316) and Los Angeles’ rates (the highest, at $2195).

California’s average auto insurance rate, at $1819, is considerably higher than the national average rate. In San Francisco, most cars cost less than the national average insurance rate ($1496) to insure.

The table below lists the cars with the lowest insurance costs in San Francisco.

Make Model Year Range Average Annual Insurance Rate ($)
Honda Accord 2005 - 2012 1,361
Honda CR-V 2005 - 2012 1,368
Toyota Camry 2005 - 2012 1,414
Toyota Corolla 2005 - 2012 1,485
Chevrolet Silverado 2005 - 2012 1,487

The median price of the Honda Accord is $18187 in San Francisco, while it can be bought for a median price below $10,000 in Ann Arbor, Lansing, Minneapolis, and Denver. This could help lower overall costs.

The table below lists the cars with the highest insurance costs in San Francisco.

Make Model Year Range Average Annual Insurance Rate ($)
Honda Civic 2005 - 2012 1,628
Nissan Altima 2005 - 2012 1,608
Ford F-Series 2005 - 2012 1,511

The Honda Accord has the lowest insurance cost, but has the highest purchase cost in San Francisco. The Honda Civic, on the other hand, has a median price of $11,975. This is the lowest median price of all the cars in San Francisco. The Civic, however, has the highest insurance costs.

It is not possible to lower your insurance costs, since you have to buy insurance from your own zip code. You can, however, lower your overall costs by buying your car from a state where it is available for a lower median price. Other ways to lower your overall cost include buying an anti-theft device for your car, and taking a defensive driving course. By doing so, you could convince your auto insurance carrier to lower your premium.

Car Owners can Save Up to $1,114 on Multi-Car Insurance in San Francisco, CA




Multi-Car Insurance:

Car owners who own more than one car can avail benefits by insuring all their vehicles with the same auto insurance company. A multi-car insurance policy can help car owners save up to $1,114 in San Francisco. This completely depends on the number of cars being covered. The cost of insuring two cars in San Francisco is $3,157. A multi-car insurance policy can help in saving up to $557 in this case.

Student Discounts:

Teenagers in San Francisco pay $6,026 a year on car insurance. Insurance companies offer discounts to teenage students with good grades in school. Allstate, for instance, offers stellar discounts to smart students based on their grades and proximity to the school (100 miles). Alongside these requirements, the teen driver must be under the age of 25 and also complete Allstate’s “teenSMART Driver Education Program.” State Farm’s “Good Student” program offers discounts of up to 25% to teenage students who have good grades. Farmers offers similar discounts to students (with good grades) under the age of 25 as well.


Bundling is a standard method of availing discounts. If a customer purchases multiple policies (life, car, home) from the same insurer, it leads to discounts. State Farm offers up to a 17% discount on multiple policies, while Progressive offers an average discount of 5%.

Discounts are also offered if one insures multiple vehicles with the same insurer. GEICO, for instance, offers multi-vehicle discounts of up to 25%.

Driving Record:

Car insurance rates can take an expensive turn if the driving record of the car owner is poor. Offenses like DUI can also have a lasting impact on the cost of auto insurance. For example, driving with an expired license can increase the cost of insurance by $1,252 in San Francisco.

Most car insurance companies offer substantial discounts to drivers with a clean driving record. GEICO offers a 26% discount to drivers with a spotless driving record for five years. On the other hand, State Farm offers discounts when a driver goes three or more years with an accident-free record. With the advent of modern technology in the car insurance industry, Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) is increasingly being used to personalize car insurance. UBI works through both plugin devices and mobile apps. It keeps track of various factors in one’s car, making insurance rates more personal.  

Progressive’s SNAPSHOT program offers a significant discount for good drivers. It places its average rate of discount at $145. The DriveSense Discount Program by Esurance is another option for car owners looking for discounts. 

Anti-theft Discounts:

Car insurers across California offer discounts to drivers that install anti-theft devices. GEICO offers a discount of up to 25% on installing approved anti-theft devices or alarms. Progressive, too, offers discounts of up to 25% on anti-theft devices and alarms. 

Hybrids and Electric Vehicles:

Zimlon found that Farmers and Travelers are among the few companies that offer discounts on alternative-fuel vehicles. Hybrids and Electric Vehicles are more environmentally friendly thanks to lower emission rates. Farmers offers these car owners discounts of up to 5% in some states.


Factors that can influence the cost of car insurance in San Francisco, CA are listed below. It is imperative to understand these factors in order to reduce the cost of car insurance. It is also essential to strike a balance between the cost of insurance and the coverage requirements.

San Francisco, CA Auto Insurance Rate Comparisons with Neighboring Locations | Back to Top

The following table compares the cost of insurance in San Francisco, CA with that of other cities in and around San Francisco.

San Francisco San Francisco County
Average Insurance Rates $1,857 $2,106

San Francisco, CA Auto Insurance Rates vary Based on Deductibles in Neighboring Cities | Back to Top

The following table makes a comparison of the variation in car insurance rates in and around San Francisco, CA based on the change in deductibles. A higher deductible leads to a decrease in the cost of car insurance.

Location Low Deductible ($500) High Deductible ($1000)
San Francisco $2,169 $1,832
San Francisco County $1,913 $1,616

San Francisco, CA Auto Insurance Rates Based on the Age of the Driver | Back to Top

Teenagers in San Francisco, CA usually pay a much higher car insurance rate compared to the rest of the state as they are generally considered to be less responsible behind the wheel. Middle-aged drivers are likely to pay lower car insurance premiums if they are considered to be safer drivers by insurance companies.

Age of Driver Insurance Cost
Teens $6,026
20 Years $2,386
30 Years $1,838
40 Years $1,768
50 Years $1,637
60 Years $1,660
70 Years $1,933

San Francisco, CA Car Insurance Discounts for Multi-Car Insurance | Back to Top

Car owners in San Francisco, CA can obtain discounts if they insure multiple vehicles with the same insurer. The average savings one can obtain are as follows:

Number of Cars Auto Insurance Cost Total Savings
2 Vehicles $3,157 $557
3 Vehicles $4,735 $836
4 Vehicles $6,314 $1,114

Savings on 2 Vehicles bundle:$557

Savings on 3 Vehicles bundle:$836

Savings on 4 Vehicles bundle:$1,114

San Francisco, CA Post- DUI Auto Insurance Rates | Back to Top

Driving Under Influence (DUI) can be an added burden on your wallet. The cost of auto insurance will go up post-DUI. The below graph does a comparison of auto insurance rates before and after DUI in and around San Francisco, CA.

Location Average Insurance Cost Post DUI Insurance Rate
San Francisco $1,857 $4,572
San Francisco County $2,106 $5,185

San Francisco, CA Auto Insurance Rates Based on Credit Score | Back to Top

Car insurance companies can use the Credit Score of car drivers to determine car insurance rates. Car drivers with good credit can avail of substantial discounts on car insurance rates.

Credit Score Insurance Cost
Exceptional (800-850) $1,593
Excellent (740-799) $1,819
Good (670-739) $1,935
Average (580-669) $2,525
Poor (300-579) $3,029

San Francisco, CA Auto Insurance Agents | Back to Top

Car owners can obtain quotes from multiple auto insurance companies. Comparing different quotes can help identify the cheapest auto insurance provider best suited for their coverage needs.

Agent Name Company Agent Address Contact Details
Thierry Hugand State Farm 1952 Union St Ste 1, San Francisco, 94123-4226 415-441-2863
Charlotte Russell State Farm 643 Bair Island Road Suite 101, Redwood City, 94063-2755 650-369-7900
Ken Ericson State Farm 201 Macarthur Blvd, San Leandro, 94577-2108 510-613-0370
Julie La State Farm 3800 Park Blvd Ste 200, Oakland, 94602-1114 510-550-9775
[ ' L, y, d m
Bay Area Insurance Agency Inc Travelers 3 LAGOON DR STE 260, REDWOOD CITY, 94065 650-654-9750
Ruby Joyce Barnett Nationwide 440 Grand Ave. Suite 450, Oakland, 94610-5062 (510) 251-3800
Ruby Joyce Barnett Nationwide 440 Grand Ave. Suite 450, Oakland, 94610-5062 (510) 251-3800
Amy Cheok Allstate 180 2nd St Ste 1, Oakland, 94607 (510) 338-3570
Kelly Wright State Farm 3645 Grand Ave Ste 105, Oakland, 94610-2022 510-488-3505

San Francisco, CA Auto Insurance Rates can Increase Based on Driving Violations | Back to Top

Auto insurance rates tend to increase depending on the type and number of driving violations. The driving violations can stay on the record for a considerable amount of time leading to higher auto insurance rates. The severity of the driving violation and place of residence will determine how long the violation stays on record.

Driving Violation Cost Increase Total Insurance Cost
Driving Without Headlights +$82 $1,939
Driver's Failure In Showing Documents +$180 $2,037
Driving With An Expired Registration +$191 $2,048
Driving At A Considerably Slow Pace +$403 $2,260
Using A Cellphone While Driving +$425 $2,282
Running A Red Light +$433 $2,290
Speeding +$455 $2,312
Driving A Vehicle Without The Required Permission +$578 $2,435
Driving With An Expired/Suspended License +$1,252 $3,109

San Francisco, CA Auto Insurance Rates Based on Anti-Theft Feature | Back to Top

Cars that are equipped with safety devices are less prone to thefts. As a result, auto insurance companies provide a considerable amount of discounts to vigilant car owners. The discounts vary depending on the type and number of safety devices installed.

Anti Theft Feature Insurance Cost
Audible Alarm $1,783
Active Disabling Device $1,783
Tracking Device $1,746
Passive Disabling Device $1,727

Latest Auto Insurance Reviews in San Francisco, CA | Back to Top

The deductable with geico auto insurance will be high and they only allow certain shops. this is why i switched to liability only. A 1 is the rating
State Farm
More economical, better options of premium payments and deductibles are lower with respect to the competition provided greater range of coverage in case of accident or accident.
State Farm
Had a claim last year and ti was a great experience. They paid me more for my totaled vehicle than I expected. No complaints.
Progressive insurance is far more superior to the other companies that we have contracted with in the past. The premiums are lower and the service is much better.
I think that the policy offerings with Travelers car insurance are competitive. I am unsure if they are anything to brag about, as i am looking elsewhere since after years of being with them the premiums went up.
My premium is cheaper than any other company has offered me and the deductible is small. The coverage covers everything I would need it to.
My car company insurance is the same as my house which very land and their customer service is always point.Very professional very helpful.
good information when we had a crash not our fault but good advice given No issues with them at all would rate 5 great service
It has the same deductible. And it is $100 cheaper then liberty mutual. I am satisfied with AAA and they also cover towing expenses.
The premium initially is better than the rest of the companies. I see Geico as means to build up your driving record. However, the fallout of making a claim is going to destroy you via Geico.
I like that geico has been around for a long time . I trust them . I also like the roadside assistance.
State Farm
I Would give them a four because they do have other offerings for financial resources and life insurance. I would be willing to try these offerings in the future.
The premium is extremely high for the coverage I get. I can not increase my coverage because it is too expensive through nationwide. I have found cheaper insurance with better coverage but I have not switched yet.
State Farm
My premium is always going down, as to previously it was being adjusted every month, and I had to pay initial fees literally every month, because the reps were more out for self then the overall benefit of the company.
The General Auto Insurance
My insurance company offers a variety of policy options, from basic liability coverage to full comprehensive coverage. It also offers other non auto related policies, which though I do not participate in, I find can be a great convenience for customers.
Our car insurance premium is actually lower than a lot of other insurance companies. Or at least at this older age, our premiums have lowered.
I had one bad customer service experience so far where the person was not very nice or helpful. This made me upset and I called back. the second person I got was much nicer and helped me with the issue.
I dislike that each year you do not get any added benefits. You only get a certain number of tows per policy year also. I think it should be unlimited.
The premium is slightly lower than other companies we have worked with, including budget brands that claim to have the best rates.
we can get in contact with Geico 24 hours a day. There are several different ways to contact them including email, phone, online chat, and snail mail. They also have an app for the phone. the people we have communicated with have always been friendly and helpful.