Tyler Auto Insurance Rates, Quotes, Agents & Reviews in TX

Tyler, TX Auto Insurance Rates, Quotes, Agents & Reviews

Zimlon, through its research, found that car owners in Tyler, TX, can avail multiple discounts on car insurance by taking various factors into consideration. These factors are explored in detail by Zimlon in the analysis below.

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Factors that can influence the cost of car insurance in Tyler, TX are listed below. It is imperative to understand these factors in order to reduce the cost of car insurance. It is also essential to strike a balance between the cost of insurance and the coverage requirements.

Tyler, TX Auto Insurance Rate Comparisons with Neighboring Locations | Back to Top

The following table compares the cost of insurance in Tyler, TX with that of other cities in and around Tyler.

Tyler Smith County Noonday Lindale Bullard New Chapel Hill
Average Insurance Rates $1,376 $1,733 $1,943 $1,943 $1,995 $1,953

Tyler, TX Auto Insurance Rates vary Based on Deductibles in Neighboring Cities | Back to Top

The following table makes a comparison of the variation in car insurance rates in and around Tyler, TX based on the change in deductibles. A higher deductible leads to a decrease in the cost of car insurance.

Location Low Deductible ($500) High Deductible ($1000)
Tyler $1,246 $1,053
Smith County $1,839 $1,553
Chandler $1,829 $1,545
Noonday $1,122 $947
Hideaway $1,175 $993
New Chapel Hill $1,650 $1,394
Lindale $1,016 $858
Bullard $2,105 $1,778

Tyler, TX Auto Insurance Rates Based on the Age of the Driver | Back to Top

Teenagers in Tyler, TX usually pay a much higher car insurance rate compared to the rest of the state as they are generally considered to be less responsible behind the wheel. Middle-aged drivers are likely to pay lower car insurance premiums if they are considered to be safer drivers by insurance companies.

Age of Driver Insurance Cost
Teens $4,465
20 Years $1,768
30 Years $1,362
40 Years $1,310
50 Years $1,213
60 Years $1,230
70 Years $1,432

Tyler, TX Car Insurance Discounts for Multi-Car Insurance | Back to Top

Car owners in Tyler, TX can obtain discounts if they insure multiple vehicles with the same insurer. The average savings one can obtain are as follows:

Number of Cars Auto Insurance Cost Total Savings
2 Vehicles $2,422 $330
3 Vehicles $3,633 $495
4 Vehicles $4,844 $660

Savings on 2 Vehicles bundle:$330

Savings on 3 Vehicles bundle:$495

Savings on 4 Vehicles bundle:$660

Tyler, TX Post- DUI Auto Insurance Rates | Back to Top

Driving Under Influence (DUI) can be an added burden on your wallet. The cost of auto insurance will go up post-DUI. The below graph does a comparison of auto insurance rates before and after DUI in and around Tyler, TX.

Location Average Insurance Cost Post DUI Insurance Rate
Tyler $1,376 $2,142
Smith County $1,733 $2,698
Chandler $1,951 $3,037
Noonday $1,943 $3,025
Hideaway $1,987 $3,093
New Chapel Hill $1,953 $3,040
Lindale $1,943 $3,025
Bullard $1,995 $3,106

Tyler, TX Auto Insurance Rates Based on Credit Score | Back to Top

Car insurance companies can use the Credit Score of car drivers to determine car insurance rates. Car drivers with good credit can avail of substantial discounts on car insurance rates.

Credit Score Insurance Cost
Exceptional (800-850) $1,181
Excellent (740-799) $1,348
Good (670-739) $1,434
Average (580-669) $1,871
Poor (300-579) $2,244

Tyler, TX Auto Insurance Agents | Back to Top

Car owners can obtain quotes from multiple auto insurance companies. Comparing different quotes can help identify the cheapest auto insurance provider best suited for their coverage needs.

Agent Name Company Agent Address Contact Details
Jimmie Bergman State Farm 5528 Old Jcksnvl Hwy, Tyler, 75703-3378 903-561-2246
David Lomax Allstate 1417 Lamar St, Tyler, 75701 (903) 593-7373
Neal J Nevejans Allstate 413 S College Ave, Tyler, 75702 (903) 595-6100
Karl Benner Farmers 1519 E 5th St, Tyler, 75701 (903) 597-1966
Skeen Insurance Agency Liberty Mutual Independent 220 E 5TH ST, TYLER, 75701 (903) 597-6021
Billy R Martin Ins Agy Liberty Mutual Independent 2032 REPUBLIC DR, TYLER, 75701 (903) 581-8191
Clifford Ray Moore Jr Inc Travelers 220 E FIFTH, TYLER, 75701 903-597-6021
Michael Munn State Farm 6004 S Broadway, Tyler, 75703-4424 903-561-4535
Hill Insurance Agency Lp Liberty Mutual Independent 113 N 4TH ST, WILLS POINT, 75169 (903) 873-3131
Tom Sorrels Ins Age Allstate 2268 Montgomery Gdns Ste 300, Tyler, 75708 (903) 593-8083

Tyler, TX Auto Insurance Rates can Increase Based on Driving Violations | Back to Top

Auto insurance rates tend to increase depending on the type and number of driving violations. The driving violations can stay on the record for a considerable amount of time leading to higher auto insurance rates. The severity of the driving violation and place of residence will determine how long the violation stays on record.

Driving Violation Cost Increase Total Insurance Cost
Driving Without Headlights +$61 $1,437
Driver's Failure In Showing Documents +$133 $1,509
Driving With An Expired Registration +$142 $1,518
Driving At A Considerably Slow Pace +$299 $1,675
Using A Cellphone While Driving +$315 $1,691
Running A Red Light +$321 $1,697
Speeding +$337 $1,713
Driving A Vehicle Without The Required Permission +$428 $1,804
Driving With An Expired/Suspended License +$927 $2,303

Tyler, TX Auto Insurance Rates Based on Anti-Theft Feature | Back to Top

Cars that are equipped with safety devices are less prone to thefts. As a result, auto insurance companies provide a considerable amount of discounts to vigilant car owners. The discounts vary depending on the type and number of safety devices installed.

Anti Theft Feature Insurance Cost
Audible Alarm $1,321
Active Disabling Device $1,321
Tracking Device $1,293
Passive Disabling Device $1,280

Latest Auto Insurance Reviews in Tyler, TX | Back to Top

I would recommend this company to anyone looking for car insurance. They care about their customers, offer great premiums, and great options.
I highly recommend USAA!!! They are amazing! We have had them for years. Our policy cost has gradually gone down over the years, but their customer service has not.
the good team premium and deductible of your policy compared to the other home insurance policies
Farmer's Insurance
The customer service of the car insurance company is very safe at the time of any damage caused as they give you the best possible care and responsibility
We have an agent that we deal with and have never had to file a claim. We did call Attstate once to have a question answered and they were wonderful and quite informative, my agent was out.
My experience with Progressive has been fairly positive so far and I've had them for my car insurance for years. They've been easy to work with and their rates are reasonable.
State Farm
The offerings of State Farm are far and above the level of its' competitors. They offer a range of products and services that meet the needs of anyone looking for an insurance coverage on a vehicle.
State Farm
The offerings of State Farm are far and above the level of its' competitors. They offer a range of products and services that meet the needs of anyone looking for an insurance coverage on a vehicle.
Compared to other insurance companies, meaning the big ones because those are the ones I have on my shopping list whenever I need a renewal my provider seemed to have from slightly better prices to significant differences.
Safeco Insurance
I feel like safeco is a little impersonal. I have been with them for a whie and they seem good, I just do not know a face to put with the company like I did my other insurace agent.
Safe Auto Insurance
The premium is much better. We switched from a company we were with for 10 years to this new company because the rate was half f what we were paying.
Alfa Insurance
Everytime that i call the office my insurance agent is out of the office. I called on Monday and the receptionist told me that he would be out until Thursday. I called on Thursday at 8:30 am and the answering machine. I called back at 11:55 and again got the answering machine. I called back at 4:00 Someone was in the office with my insurance agent so i left a message for him to call me back. My insurance agent called back around 4:30 pm and said hey just calling you back trying to wrap up my day whats up. I ask for a quote on what my insurance would be for the next six months and he said ill be happy to look that up for you let me get back with you tomorrow. I am not very happy with this.
There is an 800 number that is either 24 hours or close to it. In addition, I have a local agent who is usually available to meet with me or speak on the phone. Otherwise, they will call me back or I can email. There are a lot of points of contact available to me. I am very satisfied with the customer service and support.
Esurance is a very convenient provider that I was able to access online at my own convenience. The rates are fair, the website is very easy to navigate, and the help provided is very efficient. I have experienced no problems or harsh treatment as I had experienced with other carriers in the past. The days of meeting with a live agent in their office no longer interest me. Those experiences were poor and the majority were white egotistical males who had superiority complexes. I feel I am treated fairly without bias from Esurance.
It is inexpensive and well known. I wouldn't anticipate having any problems if I did need to file a claim.