Victorville Auto Insurance Rates, Quotes, Agents & Reviews in CA

Victorville, CA Auto Insurance Rates, Quotes, Agents & Reviews

Zimlon, through its research, found that car owners in Victorville, CA, can avail multiple discounts on car insurance by taking various factors into consideration. These factors are explored in detail by Zimlon in the analysis below.

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The Five Most Popular Car Insurance Companies in Victorville, CA

The average cost of auto insurance in Victorville, CA, is $1,514 and is lower than auto insurance in neighboring places such as Victorville-Hesperia and Spring Valley Lake. Auto insurance in Victorville depends on numerous factors ranging from the make and model of the vehicle to the driver’s age. Below is a list of the top five auto insurance companies in Victorville.




State Farm occupies the first spot with a massive 4,106,038 direct premiums written and 4,090,146 direct premiums earned. The company holds a market share of 13.74% in California. State Farm received a score of 808/1000 in the J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study. One only needs to go as far as State Farm’s online faculty for an overview of the various insurance coverages they provide. The company is credited with a solid rating of A++ by A.M. Best. 


Farmers occupies a market share of 10.68% in California. The company has 3,191,341 direct premiums written, and 3,189,468 direct premiums earned. The ease of navigating the Farmers website is an added advantage. Farmers ranks a tad low on the J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study with a score of 805/1000. A.M. Best has given Farmers an A rating for its financial strength in the markets. 


With 2,897,713 direct premiums written and 2,794,052 direct premiums earned, GEICO is a close third. The company has a market share of 9.69% in California and enjoys an A.M. Best Rating of A++. GEICO received a score of 825/1000 on the J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study, and also received the “Better Than The Most” tag. 


Allstate has 2,687,887 direct premiums written and 2,640,022 direct premiums earned in California. Allstate occupies the fourth spot with a market share of 8.99%. The company was one of the leading insurance providers in the auto insurance market back in 2010. Allstate has a J.D. Power Auto Insurance score of 808/1000 and an A.M. Best Rating of A+.


AAA enjoys the “Better Than The Most” tag, alongside a J.D. Power score of 834/1000. The company occupies a market share of 8.69%. AAA offers Umbrella Liability Insurance and enjoys an A.M. Best Rating of A. It has 2,598,340 direct premiums written, and 2,470,179 direct premiums earned.

Factors that can influence the cost of car insurance in Victorville, CA are listed below. It is imperative to understand these factors in order to reduce the cost of car insurance. It is also essential to strike a balance between the cost of insurance and the coverage requirements.

Victorville, CA Auto Insurance Rate Comparisons with Neighboring Locations | Back to Top

The following table compares the cost of insurance in Victorville, CA with that of other cities in and around Victorville.

Victorville Victorville-Hesperia Adelanto Spring Valley Lake Apple Valley Hesperia
Average Insurance Rates $1,514 $1,794 $1,499 $1,821 $1,433 $1,485

Victorville, CA Auto Insurance Rates vary Based on Deductibles in Neighboring Cities | Back to Top

The following table makes a comparison of the variation in car insurance rates in and around Victorville, CA based on the change in deductibles. A higher deductible leads to a decrease in the cost of car insurance.

Location Low Deductible ($500) High Deductible ($1000)
Victorville $1,110 $938
Mountain View Acres $1,035 $874
Spring Valley Lake $1,065 $900
Adelanto $1,316 $1,112
Victorville-Hesperia $967 $817
Apple Valley $1,598 $1,349
Hesperia $2,259 $1,908
Oak Hills $2,429 $2,051

Victorville, CA Auto Insurance Rates Based on the Age of the Driver | Back to Top

Teenagers in Victorville, CA usually pay a much higher car insurance rate compared to the rest of the state as they are generally considered to be less responsible behind the wheel. Middle-aged drivers are likely to pay lower car insurance premiums if they are considered to be safer drivers by insurance companies.

Age of Driver Insurance Cost
Teens $4,913
20 Years $1,945
30 Years $1,498
40 Years $1,442
50 Years $1,335
60 Years $1,354
70 Years $1,576

Victorville, CA Car Insurance Discounts for Multi-Car Insurance | Back to Top

Car owners in Victorville, CA can obtain discounts if they insure multiple vehicles with the same insurer. The average savings one can obtain are as follows:

Number of Cars Auto Insurance Cost Total Savings
2 Vehicles $2,604 $424
3 Vehicles $3,906 $636
4 Vehicles $5,208 $848

Savings on 2 Vehicles bundle:$424

Savings on 3 Vehicles bundle:$636

Savings on 4 Vehicles bundle:$848

Victorville, CA Post- DUI Auto Insurance Rates | Back to Top

Driving Under Influence (DUI) can be an added burden on your wallet. The cost of auto insurance will go up post-DUI. The below graph does a comparison of auto insurance rates before and after DUI in and around Victorville, CA.

Location Average Insurance Cost Post DUI Insurance Rate
Victorville $1,514 $3,728
Mountain View Acres $1,787 $4,400
Spring Valley Lake $1,821 $4,484
Adelanto $1,499 $3,691
Victorville-Hesperia $1,794 $4,417
Apple Valley $1,433 $3,528
Hesperia $1,485 $3,656
Oak Hills $1,853 $4,562

Victorville, CA Auto Insurance Rates Based on Credit Score | Back to Top

Car insurance companies can use the Credit Score of car drivers to determine car insurance rates. Car drivers with good credit can avail of substantial discounts on car insurance rates.

Credit Score Insurance Cost
Exceptional (800-850) $1,299
Excellent (740-799) $1,483
Good (670-739) $1,578
Average (580-669) $2,058
Poor (300-579) $2,470

Victorville, CA Auto Insurance Agents | Back to Top

Car owners can obtain quotes from multiple auto insurance companies. Comparing different quotes can help identify the cheapest auto insurance provider best suited for their coverage needs.

Agent Name Company Agent Address Contact Details
Burke Myers Farmers 19341 Bear Valley Rd Ste 205, Apple Valley, 92308 (760) 247-4884
Amy Martinez State Farm 15550 Main St Ste D17, Hesperia, 92345-3492 760-244-8808
Amanda Guardado Allstate 20786 Bear Valley Rd Ste B, Apple Valley, 92308 (760) 240-5900
Matt Davenport State Farm 547 N Azusa Ave, West Covina, 91791-1252 909-461-4277
Heidi Vincent Farmers 333 N Santa Anita Ave Ste 9, Arcadia, 91006 (626) 348-8769
Elaine C. Price Allstate 141 W Foothill Blvd, Monrovia, 91016 (626) 357-3916
Noemi Neyra Farmers 14592 Palmdale Rd Ste D2, Victorville, 92392 (760) 241-7515
Kyle Cline State Farm 1275 E Route 66, Glendora, 91740-3779 626-335-0815
Wade Sharifi Allstate 10832 Laurel St Ste 201, Rancho Cucamonga, 91730 (909) 259-0492
Oscar Feria State Farm 322 N Azusa Avenue Suite 205, La Puente, 91744-4648 626-962-5700
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Victorville, CA Auto Insurance Rates can Increase Based on Driving Violations | Back to Top

Auto insurance rates tend to increase depending on the type and number of driving violations. The driving violations can stay on the record for a considerable amount of time leading to higher auto insurance rates. The severity of the driving violation and place of residence will determine how long the violation stays on record.

Driving Violation Cost Increase Total Insurance Cost
Driving Without Headlights +$67 $1,581
Driver's Failure In Showing Documents +$147 $1,661
Driving With An Expired Registration +$156 $1,670
Driving At A Considerably Slow Pace +$329 $1,843
Using A Cellphone While Driving +$347 $1,861
Running A Red Light +$353 $1,867
Speeding +$371 $1,885
Driving A Vehicle Without The Required Permission +$471 $1,985
Driving With An Expired/Suspended License +$1,020 $2,534

Victorville, CA Auto Insurance Rates Based on Anti-Theft Feature | Back to Top

Cars that are equipped with safety devices are less prone to thefts. As a result, auto insurance companies provide a considerable amount of discounts to vigilant car owners. The discounts vary depending on the type and number of safety devices installed.

Anti Theft Feature Insurance Cost
Audible Alarm $1,453
Active Disabling Device $1,453
Tracking Device $1,423
Passive Disabling Device $1,408

Latest Auto Insurance Reviews in Victorville, CA | Back to Top

I would not recommend because my daughter's brand new month old $26,000 car had $20,000 in damages from an accident. Geico told her if the damage hit 80% they would total it.
my deductible is only $500, and my premium is about $100 per, I was paying over double with progressive.
My car insurance company is quite good and their customer service is attentive and there are several ways of contacting them which makes it very easy to talk with someone at any hour day or night.
I only had Geico for a few months. Their customer service is pretty good. I only contacted them once though, through email.
they have been very responsive and took care of my needs. They may not lead the pack when it comes to extra features, but they are affordable and give you what you need if you just want a basic plan.
Our deductible is comparable to other insurances, $500 but Geico was about 150 less a month than our other policy through progressive.
I am not really sure how my policy compares to any other policies. I have never checked into the policy offerings because Progressive was the ONLY affordable option for me.
In very broad terms, expect to pay about $35 per month for every $100,000 of home value, though it depends on your city and state.
Mercury had by far the most affordable monthly premium for the deductible amounts that I needed. I got quite a few quotes from other companies, and they offered the best coverage for the best price.
Mercury had by far the most affordable monthly premium for the deductible amounts that I needed. I got quite a few quotes from other companies, and they offered the best coverage for the best price.
For the few times I have had to file claims I feel very satisfied with my experiences with GEICO as my insurer. I am generally satisfied with the purchasing of auto insurance through them as well.
The premium is selectable based on the overall plan details. I have not adequately compared it to other providers at this time.
Horace Mann
The premium is much more affordable than other carriers I've quoted myself with. Their rating tiers, along with group discounts makes it much more rewarding.
I dislike that the company discovered a ticket from THREE years ago, and applied a penalty to my insurance for an entire year. It was my first (and only) speeding ticket, and they raised my rates high because of a single mistake - hardly seems fair when I pay so much in insurance anyway.
One thing that I dislike, is that my rates keep going up every year, even when I've had no accidents.
Amica Mutual Insurance
At this time, I do not have any type of negative comments. My experience has always been positive and friendly. They do need to add that chat to the website.
Honest I dont have anything that I dislike, maybe if things could be even cheaper but that's just asking for to much.
State Farm
My premium is lower than most other companies can offer. I took advantage of checking with Geico for example and they sent me away saying they could not give me a better rate.