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$804 $1099 $1736

Latest Auto Insurance Reviews in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Very competitive and very attractive. The premium and the deductible were the two factors that drove (no pun intended) us to Progressive and away from Allstate.
Farmer's Insurance
Would recommend based on my experience over the last few years. The agent is nice locally and I have not had a problem getting what I need from them at any time.
I don't see any difference in my policy than other insurance offerings. All of the other companies offer the same exact offers, maybe a different price here and there but nothing crazy.
The only thing that I am not satisfy with that is the late reply to the phone, or chat or email. I think it is an usual thing because of they have a lot customer. In totally I am happy with this company and recommend to my friends to use this insurance.
Great prices, great service, roadside assistance, great app,, great customer service.
the premium is perfect its no so expensive and make everything the best for you and fast for the clients and a fast receprtion from calls and the good mood of their employees
I like how easy and convenient it was to sign up. Also how I can log on any time to adjust or check my status. I also like how their app lets me keep my insurance card on my phone in case of emergencies.
I like it because it is inexpensive. With my old insurance, I was paying 193 a month just for myself. With Geico, I am paying 100 a month, which is saving me a lot of money.
I like the ease of reporting accidents via the app. It saves time and makes the process simple.
I like that they are affordable monthly and offer great coverage based on my needs and they offer discounts for different things.
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Liberty Mutual, Virginia Beach, VA
$61/1 month
Car Insurance Policy Holder
  • Divorced 54 Years old Male licensed 4 years ago with Own Mazda Mazda3s Grand Touring used for Commute to Work or School with estimated annual mileage of 20,001+.
  • Associate & Freelancer.
  • No accidents , No traffic tickets , No DUIs , No Licence suspensions .
Car Insurance Policy & Coverage Details:
  • 1 car insured & 1 person is part of this policy
  • Home and Auto insurance are from difference companies
  • $25K (Per Person Bodily Injury) / $50K (Per Accident Bodily Injury)
  • 20 K Property Damage
  • 50 K Personal Injury Protection
  • 25 K Uninsured Motorists Bodily Injury
  • 50 K Uninsured Motorists Property Damage

Virginia Beach Car Insurance Rate Comparisons

Virginia Beach, VA's average car insurance of $1099 differs from Fruitville, NC (-$179), Moyock, NC (+$391), Poquoson, VA (+$19) and Virginia (+$223)

Virginia Beach Fruitville, NC Moyock, NC Poquoson, VA Virginia
Median Insurance Rates $1099 -$179 +$391 +$19 +$223

Virginia Beach Car Insurance Savings By Neighborhood & Street Area

Virginia Beach Driver Street Residence & Car Locations Car Details in Virginia Beach Virginia Beach Driver Demographics Virginia Beach Auto Insurance Estimates Recent Virginia Beach Insurance Savings
Garden Wood Park
Sagewood Rd2005 Buick Rendezvous CX17 year female teenager$2973$426
Shell Rd2007 Cadillac DTS Luxury II72 year female senior$1759$451
Comanche Ct S2006 Mazda MAZDA3 s39 year married woman$871$815
Caddoan Rd2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Classic Work Truck18 year teenager$3474$587
Chesopeian Colony
Peritan Rd2006 Jeep Commander Base70 year male senior$1519$737
Chinaberry Cir2006 Acura TSX Base25 year married man$1510$847
Bellwood Estates
Sarsfield St2008 Chrysler 300 Touring28 year woman$943$597
Hillcrest Farms Blvd2012 Ford Fusion SE69 year senior$1593$388
Princess Anne Plaza
Club House Ct2014 Volkswagen Jetta S17 year male teenager$3555$673
Lee Highlands Ct2014 Honda Civic LX50 year man$1633$457

Virginia Beach Post DUI Car Insurance Rates

Virginia Beach Currituck County, NC Poquoson South Mills, NC Virginia
Median Post DUI Insurance Rate $2044 +$615 +$35 +$615 +$414
Male Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $7562 +$2279 +$130 +$2279 +$1535
Female Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $6132 +$1847 +$106 +$1847 +$1244

The Post DUI insurance in Virginia Beach, VA's is $2044 compared to Currituck County, NC (+$615), Poquoson (+$35), South Mills, NC (+$615) and Virginia (+$414)

In Virginia Beach, a male teenager with Post DUI pays $1430 more than a female teenager Post DUI. For Example, a Male Teenager Post DUI with a 2006 Mazda MAZDA3 s in Virginia Beach, VA would pay $6895 on auto insurance while a female teenager POST DUI would pay $5591.

Virginia Beach Car Insurance by Segment

Virginia Beach Teenagers Car Insurance Rates Comparison

30136 Virginia Beach Teenagers (6% of total population), 52% Male & 48% Female.

Virginia Beach Camden, NC Camden County, NC Coinjock, NC Virginia
All Teenagers $3626 -$1316 +$1258 -$326 +$736
Male Teenager $4066 -$1476 +$1410 -$366 +$825
Female Teenager $3297 -$1197 +$1143 -$297 +$669

Virginia Beach teenagers pay $3626 in insurance in contrast with Camden, NC (-$1316), Camden County, NC (+$1258), Coinjock, NC (-$326) and Virginia (+$736). The difference between Male & Female teenagers in Virginia Beach is $769


  • 2013 Nissan Rogue S Male Teenager Insurance Rate $3770
  • 2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS Female Teenager Insurance Rate $3117

Virginia Beach Men & Women Car Insurance

439528 Virginia Beach Adults (100% of total population), 49% Men & 51% Women.

Virginia Beach Poquoson Fruitville, NC Camden, NC Virginia
All Women $1022 +$17 -$167 -$371 +$207
Married Women $956 +$16 -$156 -$347 +$194
All Men $1868 +$32 -$304 -$678 +$379
Married Men $1593 +$28 -$259 -$578 +$323

The typical insurance rate of $1868 that Virginia Beach Men pay varies from Poquoson (+$32), Fruitville, NC (-$304), Camden, NC (-$678) and Virginia (+$379). In Virginia Beach, married men pay $637 more than married women.


  • 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LTZ Married Men Insurance Rate $1644
  • 2014 Kia Sorento LX Married Women Insurance Rate $1407

Virginia Beach Senior Car Insurance

68667 Virginia Beach Seniors (15% of total population), 43% Senior Men & 57% Senior Women.

Virginia Beach Hampton Moyock, NC Camden County, NC Virginia
All Seniors $1703 +$93 +$606 +$591 +$346
Senior Men $1868 +$102 +$665 +$648 +$379
Senior Women $1549 +$85 +$551 +$537 +$315

Virginia Beach seniors pay $1703 in insurance compared to Hampton (+$93), Moyock, NC (+$606), Camden County, NC (+$591) and Virginia (+$346). In Virginia Beach, senior men pay $319 more than senior women.

Virginia Beach Car Insurance Discounts for Multiple Vehicles

Virginia Beach Population with 1 Vehicle 50122 (31% of Virginia Beach population), 2 Vehicles 71506 (44% of the Virginia Beach population) and 3 vehicles 25592 (16% of the population)

Virginia Beach Coinjock, NC Courthouse, NC Newport Virginia
2 Vehicles $2089 -$189 +$723 -$132 +$423
3 Vehicles $3188 -$288 +$1104 -$201 +$646
4 Vehicles $4287 -$387 +$1485 -$270 +$869

Car Insurance Agents in Virginia Beach, VA

Rank Agent Name Agent Contact
1 AAA Insurance 5366 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
2 AAA Insurance 296 Kings Grant Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
3 Affordable Benefits Group 549 Newtown Rd Ste 105, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
4 Al Vincent's Insurance Agency 154 S Newtown Rd Ste B7, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
5 Al Vincent's Insurance Agency 918 S Lynnhaven Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
6 Al Vincent's Insurance Agency 2052 S Independence Blvd Ste 3, Virginia Beach, VA 23453
7 American Independent Insurance Agency 3707 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
8 Andrew Royster 3590 Holland Rd Ste 100, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
9 Anthony Knight 4221 Pleasant Vall Rd Ste 105, Virginia Beach, VA 23464
10 Arun Vermani 3545 Buckner Blvd Ste 104a, Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Virginia Beach Auto Insurance Rates Vary by Deductible

Low Deductible ($500) High Deductible ($1000)
Make & Model Example Claim Amount Yearly Premium Total Yearly Cost Yearly Premium Total Yearly Cost Net Savings for High Deductible Plan
Jeep, Grand Cherokee Limited $1000 $1110 $1610 $1030 $2030 $-420
Chevrolet, Silverado 1500 Work Truck $200 $1090 $1290 $1030 $1230 $60
Infiniti, G37 S $1500 $1210 $1710 $1130 $2630 $-920
Acura, TL Tech $700 $1230 $1730 $1170 $1870 $-140
Volvo, XC60 3.2 $300 $1060 $1360 $970 $1270 $90