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How much will my premium increase after an accident in West Virginia?

West Virginia is one of the many states where auto insurance is not optional. Every resident of the state who owns a vehicle is required to establish proof of financial responsibility if his vehicle gets into an accident. The minimum liability limits are $10,000 for property damage, $20,000 per accident (one death/injury), and $40,000 per accident (two deaths/injuries). The average annual insurance rate in West Virginia is $1816, making the state the 7th most expensive state to buy auto insurance in the United States.

Every accident, alcohol-related offense, speeding ticket on your driving record could result in higher premiums the next time you renew your auto insurance policy. Insurance companies like to play Santa, punishing the bad drivers with higher premiums and rewarding the good ones with the same rates. Insurance companies march to their own drummers, and some might not even forgive you a single accident. Even if you have had a clean driving record for years, one accident could set you back by around $400, with your premium being raised to $2237. Two accidents on your record in West Virginia could increase your premium to $3337.

If you decide to switch insurance companies in Martinsburg (which is the least expensive auto insurance zip code in West Virginia, with an average annual insurance rate of $1479) and if you have been in an accident in the past three years, your premium might increase up to $1849 to $2219.

If you have been at fault in an accident that resulted in serious medical injuries or extensive property damage, your insurance rates can go up between 50% and 100% of your original rates.

City Zip code Average Annual Insurance Rate ($) 50% Increase ($) 100% Increase ($)
Martinsburg 25403 1,479 2,219 2,958
Harpers Ferry 25425 1,490 2,235 2,980
Morgantown 26504 1,529 2,294 3,058
Wheeling 26003 1,559 2,339 3,118
Fairmont 26555 1,569 2,354 3,138
Clarksburg 26302 1,571 2,357 3,142
Parkersburg 26101 1,630 2,445 3,260
Charleston 25301 1,667 2,501 3,334
Huntington 25705 1,686 2,529 3,372
Beckley 25801 1,695 2,543 3,390

If the accident was not your fault, you could talk to your insurance carrier about keeping your rates the same. Also, some insurance companies forgive minor accidents taking into consideration your overall driving record. You could also take a defensive driving course to reduce your premium.

Insurance costs of the best used cars in West Virginia

The mountainous country roads of West Virginia have been known to be very dangerous to drive on. That is why it comes as no surprise that the state of West Virginia is the 7th most expensive state in the U.S. to buy auto insurance. The average annual auto insurance rate in West Virginia is $1,816, surpassed only by Louisiana, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma, Montana, and California.

The average annual insurance rate in Charleston, the capital of West Virginia, is $1,667. This may be lower than West Virginia’s average, though it is still higher than most of the other states. When you live in such a state, where insurance costs form a major chunk of your expenses, which used car can you buy to reduce your financial angst?

Let’s look at the insurance rates and median prices of some of the most popular cars in Charleston.

Make Model Average Yearly Insurance ($) Median Price ($) Insurance percentage (%)
Ford F-Series 1,524 30,995 4
Chevrolet Silverado 1,525 26,995 5
Honda Accord 1,539 12,995 11
Toyota Camry 1,541 16,899 9
Nissan Altima 1,691 14,699 11

If the Honda Accord is the car of your choice, you would get a better deal in Charleston than the rest of West Virginia. The median price of the Accord is $12,995 in Charleston, but is much higher ($18,500) in West Virginia. You might also consider buying it from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the median price of the Accord is as low as $7,995. Adding shipping costs of $600-1,000, and a further $500 on auto transport insurance, and you still end up saving a huge chunk on your upfront costs.

The cost of insuring the Ford F-150 is relatively lower in Charleston, when compared to the cost of insuring the other cars. But the median price of this full-size pickup is extremely high, making it difficult to afford. The Chevrolet Silverado, on the other hand, is another full-size pickup with a median price of $26,995, and an insurance average of $1 more than the Ford F-Series. In Charleston, you might be better off preferring the Silverado over the Ford F-150.

West Virginia Auto Insurance Rates

Below are the minimum, average and maximum insurance rate estimates for neighbourhoods in and around West Virginia, WV.

Lowest Rate:$1500
Average Rate:$1800
Highest Rate:$2500

Recent Savings From Top Providers in West Virginia

Rank Customer Zipcode Amount Saved
1 25286 $612
2 24701 $605
3 24712 $603
4 24714 $601

Compare Auto Insurance Companies in West Virginia

Company A.M Best Rating on
Financial Strength
Year Founded
Progressive A+ 1937
State Farm A++ 1922
Allstate A+ 1931
GEICO A++ 1936
Nationwide A+ 1925
Erie A+ 1925

West Virginia Auto Insurance Requirements

Minimum limits of liability for auto insurance in West Virginia as per WV State Laws

Bodily Injury Liability

  • $25,000 for death/injury of any one person, per accident.
  • $50,000 for all persons per accident.

Property Damage Liability

  • $10,000 per accident.

West Virginia Car Insurance Average Rates by Make

In addition to the location, one key factor that contributes to the insurance rates in West Virginia is the vehicle's make and model. Especially the vehicle's theft rates in West Virginia

MakeInsurance Average PremiumView Details
MakeInsurance Average PremiumView Details

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